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countrygurl93: spent the day crying my eyes out i miss you so much grandma i wish i could of seen you one last time b4 you passed im sorry i didnt make it to the family reunion i love you so much grandma rest in peace and i hope you arent in anymore pain i miss you soooo much and i dont know what i am going to do without you. You taught me so much and i just want to say thank you for everything, the amazing memories, i had so much fun when i was with you, thank you for sharing these amazing 19 years with me. Just knowing you was a blessing and i am so sorry for disapointing you as many times as i did i promise i will be doing your nails and laughing at you funny jokes i love you so much and miss you even more i really dont know what i am going to do without you grandma you were everything to me and more
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