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A Pox On You And Your Monkey!

6/15/22 - The WHO (World Health Organization, not Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend) are looking for a new official name for Monkeypox. According to epic epidemic doomsayer Gene Upchuck of the CDC, the leading candidates are: Donkey Kong Pox, MOPOX-22, Chimpitis, Zaius Syndrome, Bananavirus, and I Can't Believe It's Not Ebola. Other poxes which have previously been renamed are: Cowardpox (Chickenpox); Beefypox (Cowpox); Midget Pox (Smallpox); British Guiana Pox (Guyanapox), and of course The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Pox. Upchuck also warned that the next pox could be even bigger, saying "The world is not ready for what is to come - something along the lines of Elephant Pox or Whalepox."


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