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I am a very outgoing and social man. I love meeting new and like minded people. I'm always up for a good time. I'm very caring, funny and cute. I have a lot of energy and am very entertaining and talkative.
I love to be spoiled by my woman but enjoy returning the favour. I am a romantic at heart and loved being swept off my feet.
I have a lust for ally things great in this world, great food, great friends and great adventures.
I am spontaneous, social, and adorable.
I love beautiful things, love to have fun in the moment and am always dreaming bigger! Friends and family are super important to me. I am chirpy, fun and I like spontaneity and good grammar. I love to write...I mean really really love to write and barely go a day without doing it in some way...I am a very passionate person and so often am too full on for some people. I am fascinated with human interaction and computer mediated communication

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