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23 Single Female from Florence       504
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To me the most beautiful thing about someone is not so much their outward appearance but who and what they are inside how others see you. How lovingly and caring you are for other people, that is what makes someones true beauty show

I sit atop the world near waterfalls with wild flowers covering the hills flowing as far as the eye can see (:

I like meeting new people as long as they like me ><

If all you are interested in is what I look like or pic's then you should find someone else. I only send pic's to those that I care about and I think honestly care about me for who I am, inside, not for the way I may look outwardly

When its dark, i look up at the sky as i walk and stare at the stars,then fall off the pavement (:
People laugh at me.
But I don't care, cause I'm me, love me or leave!

What kind of girl am I?
I'm the kind of girl that gets excited by the smallest of things!
The girl who really would love to have a motorcycle but probably should never drive one, lol
The girl that wants to punch liars, cheaters and idiots in the face!
The girl that almost always has a smile on her face!
The girl that gives a 100% in anything I do!
The girl that doesn't mind getting a little dirt under her nails!
The girl that hates her laugh but everyone else loves!
The girl that isn't afraid to tell you what I'm thinking!
The girl that when she says "I Promise" I mean just that!
The girl that is sometimes afraid to cry and let people see her cry!
The girl that gets along with everyone! I think if two people are committed enough then they can make a relationship work no matter how much distance is between them.
Some people say and think that looks are everything, I say those people are WRONG. Yes, you need to be physically attracted to that person, in time looks will fade but their morals, heart and would will still be the same. If your just in it for the looks you are never gonna be happy. You need to connect with someone on a more deeper level...That's just me.


Body Type
Smoking Habits
Do not smoke
Christian (non-catholic)
Drinking Habits
Average looks
Body Art
No body art
Hair Color
Living Situation
Living with parents/relatives
Relationship Status
I do not have any children
Spending Habits
I like to adhere to a budget
Sense of Humor
I enjoy a good joke or story
Best Place to Live
Cabin in the mountains
164 cm - 168 cm (5'5" - 5'6")
Casual (I'm usually in my jeans)
I like traditional pets