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I dedicate this club to the one Magical word "F**K". It is the only word referred to as the "F" word and maybe the most commonly used word in the history of mankind :p I've yet to come across a...
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(This club has been deleted)
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We all encounter these Funny Random or Weird convos in WC chat rooms at some stage...some of us even blog them. Its time to take these to the next level...collect them and put them on a bigger stage....
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Okay this is a fun game... lets see how many people we can get to participate in it... The name of the game says it all.... all you have to do is copy this note into a new one or into a comment. Take...
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RAAWWRRR Needs no description, RAAWWRRR explains itself to no one!
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im affriad of spiders are u ??? :|
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:| What is the purpose of armpit hair? lol P.S. I first heard this on a radio station in GTA (San Andreas I think) :P
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I see that some of our regular Mods are leaving, and so I offer my services to take over (H) OBEY ME NOW!!!!! I mean, please vote for me :flirty:
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Here we discuss what the hell is wrong with men, and occasionaly find ways of disposing of them.
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