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woop woop, oh ya!!!!!! i finally got my new tatoo...go me...well happy lol. Just thought i'd share it with everyone lol<BR><BR>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

<P>TIM WANTS TO SAY HI TO EVERY1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</P>


Hi every1,<BR>                Im not sure what your suppose to write in these things, so im just gonna write a load of um well poo!!! heehee!!<BR><BR>         Im quite new to all this as im totally stupid when it comes to computers, but hidey ho, no 1 is perfecrt, well unless your Eva Longoria (damm her and her perfectness lol)<BR><BR>   im very outgoing and friendly, love talking (if you already havnt noticed lol) and well ya, just a cheery person!!!<BR><BR>so feel free to send me a message or if im chatting, why not give me a shout out, i will defo reply to you if you say my name ( i even reply to myself if i say my OWN name) lol <BR><BR>Lots of Love<BR>Cherib<BR>xxxxxxxxxxxx<BR>