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Hi there Thanks for visiting my profile
Im a young girl from Wyoming.

I live in a traditional LDS area (also known as Mormon), and things can be quite strict here. Therefore my profile picture is like that cause I cannot show who I am or my face, so please dont ask for pictures.

I'm living in a little town with my dad.

What I'm looking for here is a person to talk to, who is good at leading a conversation, and not a "ask me anything" kind of guy.

Being a mormon girl growing up is largely about submission and preparation.
If you are a parent with daughters or have other experience in providing guidance, I would see that as a benefit. As I am looking for someone who guide me.

I find it strange having to define my state of mind every time someone wants to chat, so please dont ask me how I am.

Thanks for reading.

geeride67: hello and how are you?
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BitcoinBro: I love the strict discipline and learning
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