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This is the other holiday that occurs on February 14th. Come join us if you are single, about to be single or just alone by choice.
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This is for you. If you like Star Trek, LOTR, Star Wars, science fiction, computers, or anything else considered geeky. Everyone is welcomed.
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(This club has been deleted)
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(This club has been deleted)
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Here you can talk about anything! just dont get toooo nasty! if you got a problem put out here, because maybe we could help you out with it! if you wanna meet somebody new come here, because the...
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where single's come to meet  but you got to join to meet the right someone if you are single and looking this is the place to be....feel free to add me as a friend lonely guy
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For anyone who loves rock music!!
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(This club has been deleted)
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this is a club for anyone that like's movies
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ALL YOUR EMOTES ARE BELONG TO US http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0
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<P>Meeting place for Artists and Photographers. Tell us what you like drawing, taking pictures of and etc. and if you've got any tips, ideas or just want to chat to other people who just has the same...
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An important sector about the people that feel the need of being and finding friends from all over the world. Everybody feeling open to the world is welcome! 
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I'm ME Nothing you can say or do can change that. If you have the same attitude I do then join this club :heart:
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(This club has been deleted)
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Feeling down? Need some sympathy? Or just want a hug for heck of it? Come and claim your free hugs here!!! :D
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(This club has been deleted)
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You don't have to change your self to be more likeable.We are what we are and we are ok with this,anyone who doesn't like it should probably leave us alone.We are all so similar but so different in...
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:)If yur looking 4 someone who actually gives a sh*t about u, this is the place 2 look.
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I cant think of any other description but "SHIT HAPPENS"
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(This club has been deleted)
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I can't live without music :rock:
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If you really think that Japanese girls are really cute :) then you can join the club :D :D :D And if you want to know more about Japanese girls you can :) I will be really happy to...
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for any one that things its wrong for a man to beat on a woman.
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where 2 come when u are bored or want some company or 2 chat..
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It could be YOUR child! Make a change!
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The soul slightly deflates when their picture doesn't appear
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Because you just absolutely positively just can't help yourself
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Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop," has died after suffering cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home, according to multiple reports. The singer had been preparing for a major comeback after years of...
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:-O damn, i shouldn't.. of said that.. oh well.. (H)
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It seems the "in" thing lately is to go around wire and be "racist".....So Join this club if u say "no" it ain't right...Go ahead, argue, fight, whatever....but leave Racism out of it!!!!!
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hahaa....i do actually..... so be lucky if ur added.....
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(This club has been deleted)
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Okay, what is with that? How can I be your "babe" if I never even met you!!?? :S
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(This club has been deleted)
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Whoever says sarcasm is the lowest form of wit just isn't clever enough to be sarcastic
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for anyone who has trouble going to sleep at night most of the time cause of there crappy thinking or just anything else that bothers yous
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For all you s3xy guys and gals out there that are rockin' the glasses =) :heart: xoxox mexi
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This is a club for every1 who likes ice cream loool
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The amount of people on here that put pictures of models as their pic is phenomonal. Now, it IS possible that there are models on here, but don't take a picture off google, and claim that its you,...
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To save the world :) Really..there is logic behind this :) So please..Take off your pants to save the world :)
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So what do i need to use drugs if alone can already can get high? Say No to drugs and Yes to life!
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Age Means nothing when your truely and deeply in love
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Meet others who love classical music.
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:@if u had any balls at all 2 say whatevr sh*t u r sayin bhind my back, youd say it directly to my face.
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<P>Any Whom  Love Art</P>
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Is That Your Picture? Are Your Boobs Real? You Don't Answer Fast Enough Reply Demands If You Think I'm Not Me...Or Just Don't Like Me Fine Nobody Is Perfect. Simple Don't Message Me And...
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you should have atleast one pic :@
People 367 members
Don't Demand Me To Reply To U Beacause I Won't Don't Pester Me With Are U Busy Messages
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if you have skype, come talk it up :D :D :dance:
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:| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| It's too late, but we're ON LINE on wire..
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I want all my special friends here the one's i share my great and sad days everyday i want you to know i love you all: :hug: JOYN IN :) ;)
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Sorry, but I only like people with one face. :|
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For all those YouTube fans, this club is for you. Feel free to post your videos and such.
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everyone no's flirting is awesome so try it ;) u might get the person u want lol thnx 4 joinin ppl luv ya lol :D
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Why wouldn't u care about ur wire friends as much as the once in real life ? They're as important,caring,funny and w.e the once u live in same town is. So if u agree u should join,if not maybe...
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A place to make friends with other people that want to keep in touch.
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we share names of  chat sites in thiss club
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(H) (H) (H) okay.. who am I kidding? I still do it :D hahaha.
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h0m0ph0bia AnD rAcISm nEED to be STAmped oUt, aT leAsT in WirEClUB
People 297 members
This is a club that you can come into and make new friends and talk about your love ones!! The one and where everyone won't get tired of hearing it!!!
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pizza :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|
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We've had our share of gettin hurt and our hearts gettin broken...This is da club for Strong people that have gotten thru hard times and we stick 2gether!!!!
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Be a man. ResPecT the WoMen
People 282 members
This is a club for those E-flames! You are the ones who talk on the phone for hours and hours! Know every detail about each other, Know each other want to be with each other! But cant for what ever...
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(This club has been deleted)
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(This club has been deleted)
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Ok Ive been on wire for almost a year. And these past few months I just have never seen it this bad. You have people making hate clubs, hate blogs. What is wrong with you people? Knowing you know...
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I always write up my "Im Leaving, Please dont try to stop me" and then I get a message from a cute boy lmao
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Activities 229 members
Girls Are The Most Beautiful Thing To The World. WithOut Girls Thier Would Not Be Any Guys In This World. The Word Girls Is SomeThing Important To Me. I Am Not A Perfect Guy. I Always Just Wanted...
People 229 members
strange pics strange people strange vids strange everything
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Activities 226 members
Really we all our Adults here lets stop the Name calling the bad mouthing other people the put downs these are all things you would find in a school yard with little kids! GROW UP PEOPLE!!!
Technology 226 members
No excuse 4 a 2 faced biiitch! In the end u lose !
Activities 225 members
this is a rock club musics from the 70s and 80s
Music 223 members
:DYou can always count on your best of friends, so join this club
Off Topic 221 members
This group is for advocates against domestic violence to come and share ideas on how to stop these atrocities.  This is not a group for women only...  we welcome ANYONE who hates to witness the...
People 220 members
for all the sarcastic people out there and to all the sarcasm lovers :happy:
People 217 members
So you can stop bein' all lovey-dovey with me. Kthanks. (:
Activities 216 members
Do you spend way too much time on this site? LOL, then join the club!
People 215 members
watch this video the more people who watch and join..the more awareness will be spread. If i can have every single person who cares join this club..i will send the proof the to Prevent Abuse...
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(This club has been deleted)
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(This club has been deleted)
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:drool: some accents turn me into a wet mess. :P BRITISH :) IRISH :) NEW ZEALAND :) SOUTH AFRICA :) LOL. :drool::drool:
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Finally a club about the stupid things us, normal or less normal pepople, hear on Wireclub.
Off Topic 199 members
If you're one of us, then please, come on in!
Education 195 members
for all those kool nice wireclubbers
Activities 194 members
Like they are speaking, rather than typing :|
People 194 members
One thing that sickens me is rape. Its about time people stopped and realized that NO means NO. And to people that have suffered at the hands of a rapist, your not alone, and I'm sorry for what...
People 189 members
Geeks Only!
Lifestyle 187 members
This is a rare for me, but I know it happens to others ALOT. I am sick and tired of meeting seemingly nice men on here, then two minutes after we speak, they use lines like, "I'm falling for you,...
Lifestyle 186 members
You're a disgrace of a human being if you have ever hit or physically abused a woman.
Activities 183 members
Monday, February 19, 2007    11:27:03 AM     SOUL FOOD,MEXICN,ITALIN,CHINESE..
Food 183 members
Women loves men who would treat us with respect. And men who force us into something we don't want :@
People 181 members
Off Topic 177 members
Activities 176 members
Teehee, tell me I'm not the only one that does it :$:$:$
Technology 173 members
Welcome For anyone who loves parties and weekends! Thanks!
Activities 173 members
Activities 173 members
The toaster doesn't pop your toast - YOU YELL AT IT The chair magically trips you - YOU YELL AT IT Your computer randomly freezes - YOU YELL AT IT You know you wanna join this group... :)
Off Topic 170 members
Friends who care and love there friends
People 169 members
only people who cant spell can join this group :) And all my friends to if u want lol :D
People 169 members
So friendzzzzz show ur intelligency here in inteligent people club hurrrrrrrrrrrrry
Activities 168 members
:| damn hate people who get pissed off because u dont answer their message quick enough :|
Lifestyle 168 members
all the cool poeple here:) :P
Activities 168 members
Everyone who is for stopping the child abusing please join;) i really hate that cruelty to innocent children :@ Thats gone to far in my mind right now-.- im pissed of that!!!
Activities 167 members
This is for ppl who are sick of all the drama on wireclub and just want to chill out and enjoy talking to mates on this thing i mean afterall it is a chatroom its supposedly for fun but some ppl just...
Off Topic 165 members
ALL MEMBERS R FLIRTY ON WIRECLUB............. :'( .........HELP ME TO FIND OUT ALL FLIRTY MEMBERS..........PLZ...............:pray:
Activities 164 members
dont u ever wish u were a kid again where u had no dramas no need for miney and always relayed on ur parents if u wanted something and also got to watch cartoons all day :D well this is the club for...
People 159 members
Im addict. :)
Activities 158 members
Man, why can't we all enjoy this site without being harassed by pervs? :S
Technology 157 members
How much can you cope with? lets hear it................
Activities 156 members
post a note to let everyone know who you think is the funniest person you ever met on wire.
People 156 members
(This club has been deleted)
Activities 0 members
Well, we do :(
Technology 150 members
help me stop the bullying!!!
Lifestyle 148 members
If you are or ever have been in a long distance relationship this is a place you can go and help others and meet others that are going through the same sorts of things. I myself am and would love to...
Lifestyle 147 members
:$ :evilbanana: GUILTY!
Activities 143 members
(This club has been deleted)
Activities 0 members
:banana: :dance: :area51: :happy: :toast: :flirty: :banghead:
Activities 142 members
It really doesnt mean the same thing. ♥ :heart: ♥
Passions 141 members
When all else fails, just type those three precious letters and make it look like u got what they meant L O L (H)
Technology 139 members
Hi everydoby! Well I decided to do this club cuz I love Wireclub & this site is very nice...it gives the oportunity to have friends from all over the world to have fun, share nice stories & good...
Activities 139 members
this happens to me all the time arghhh its so freaking annoying :@
Technology 137 members
Join to support our stance against world wide violence, and rampant human rights abuse. Let's rid our world off hatred and pain. Lets eradicate child abuse, mistreatment of our elders and women...
People 135 members
The title speaks for itself
Lifestyle 135 members
yes thats right..i do (H)
Activities 135 members
i like to meet my wire friends to get drunk with them lol:drunk:
Lifestyle 134 members
She says she isnt beautiful this is to show her she is wrong :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
People 134 members
(H) (H) (H) Many cultures,religions,communities or races may prevail n our butiful world... but we are made one by being FRIENDS>> :) it has no limits :P
People 131 members
:evilbanana: :P :evilbanana: Mwahahahaaaaaaa
People 128 members
Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it !!! (H)
Technology 128 members
Birthday is the name given to the date of the anniversary of the day of a person's birth. People in many cultures celebrate this anniversary....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plV8PK5w2Jg
People 128 members
Are you a fun of computers? Do you have any website or programmes you want people to beware of. This is the right club for you to join. Share information concerning viruses. softwares. personal...
Technology 126 members
Community dedicated Mr Bean! Useless Topics & spams will be deleted !
People 126 members
People 126 members
What? You didn't fekking know that?
Lifestyle 126 members
(This club has been deleted)
Activities 0 members
Which accent is your fave???
Activities 124 members
TNA officials have announced TNA's "Eliminate the Hate" campaign, aimed at ending bullying of all kinds.
Lifestyle 122 members
Save the Earth, Save the World....
Activities 121 members
U ever met someone so stupid u just wanna choke them?
Passions 121 members
I'm not perfect, and can't be perfect, but I'm always feel complete when I know YOU LOVE ME...
Activities 120 members
Everybody has that one evil side about them, most people i know anyways.
People 120 members
:( wtf..its just not fair anymore..in the shit even when im innocent
Activities 119 members
For all the people that support our military men and women.
Business 118 members
There are much better pleasures that we can share than killing each other. Lets do something good and try to know each other. I am sure if we start to know each other then we will start to love each...
Lifestyle 117 members
How many of you out there have had a similar message sent to them by someone usually 20 years their senior and from another country: "Hey sweetheart I like your profile and am thinking of moving...
Lifestyle 116 members
for all the extremely friendly extroverted people in the universe to join and flirt i mean socialize (yes even aliens) looool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2f3cuUXXRs
People 116 members
I'm missing someone right now. :( <3
Activities 111 members
for old gang :rock:
Activities 109 members
the end...Ö_ö
Off Topic 109 members
Hi everyone!Heres ur shot at meeting someone with the same good taste in photography as you! Photography in colors or just B&W photography. Ppl connect better 90% of the time when they have things...
Passions 108 members
Hi puppy! omg you are so cuteee!!! what a cute puppy!!! LMFAOOO :dog:
Activities 108 members
woaaaaaah you are hot hot hot :drool:
Activities 107 members
Activities 106 members
Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, forever to repair :|
Activities 105 members
Name them..............
Activities 105 members
If you love receiving and giving hugs, join. :hug:
Passions 104 members
♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊♥◊ let's choose the king of wire who can take this tittle and crown? you nominate your candidate after 10 days we will calculate votes:) start from...
Off Topic 103 members
dont tell me wat to do who do u think are lol STFU
Activities 102 members
It so is a planet, how can someone just decide that it isnt anymore ? wtf?
Activities 102 members
you know its trueeeeeeeeeee
Activities 101 members
What or who would i chose to be?
Lifestyle 101 members
Hmmm. *Smiles Sadistically*
Lifestyle 101 members
i think it's one of the best exercise and its fun :P what do y'all think?
Health 100 members
I think it would be cool, if you had a clour wheel and could pick our own colour, and some more fonts would be awesome, too. :happy:
Technology 99 members
if u perved join here if u didnt perved else also join here :D
Passions 99 members
Have you ever been in an argument online, and some jackass from across the globe threatens to come and beat you up? LOL well this is the club to join. Together we can post e-threats from those...
Off Topic 97 members
People 95 members
Activities 93 members
You are welcomed to join this club and express the love you have for ur friends on wire, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNWhmkNIIwk
People 92 members
keep your promise, otherwise don't promise at all.
Lifestyle 91 members
Activities 91 members
:) Sorry is like a band aid. Just because you use it, doesn`t mean it`s gonna heal the wound
Lifestyle 91 members
Revolving door is open, come back as many times as u want!!!
Activities 90 members
In tune with the spirit of the occasion, I pay my sincerest tribute to my friends, both old, new and yet to come, and appreciate the important role played by them in shaping my life.
People 89 members
i hate pervs And if you too do so and you want them to leave wire then please contribute to do so
People 89 members
I don't like being normal cuz for me it's boring and life is so short..I always love being me..I love trying some excitement to my life...we all only live once so don't waste your time being...
People 89 members
If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were :heart:
Activities 88 members
Tell us the names you think are the best =D My two votes are vampyreslaveboy ;) and slobonmyknob ;)
Technology 88 members
Pretty self explanatory...women come in various shapes and sizes, some happen to have curves but it doesn't make us ugly. If you don't like that don't join. :)
People 87 members
MMMM...MMMM...I'm Loving It!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krXP_TUZqsk
Passions 87 members
Animals need their fur coats more than humans do. Stop being cruel and say No to wearing fur !!! :rage: :( :'(
Animals 86 members
well most men dont stick to the rules of bein a proper bf.
Activities 86 members
why let the ones that call u names or try upset u get ya down.. its chat not real life, laugh at um, aint they got anything better to do than try make trouble, this club is a 'V' sign to all the...
People 85 members
(H) (H) (H) (H) :| http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8aVg8s0-H8
Lifestyle 85 members
Hi Everyone! I find it interesting how some people pick their profile name and am curious of the story of some of them.Mine is pretty obvious... I have a gazebo in my back yard surrounded with many...
Off Topic 85 members
what's wrong with girls nowadays? :|
Activities 83 members
All we are saying, is give PEACE a chance :heart:
People 83 members
its ok to cry even for a boy....actually....that is nice because u know that ur friend/bf is a human...and i love a human,not a rock.
Activities 82 members
why men always look for plastic girls??
Lifestyle 82 members
A group for those people that perv someone's pictures before clicking accept.
People 82 members
yep you knowz it, can deny it, wont deny it
Activities 82 members
?????????? :| WTF ?
People 82 members
A Community for those who can't stand waking up early in the morning! And Also a Community who loves to Chat till late night and hates waking up Early in the Morning !!!
Lifestyle 81 members
What we all give in to Temptation every now and then :P
Lifestyle 81 members
Okay I don't actually have time to answer my own blog right now. I'm just jumping off of one of Sock's while I'm thinking about it.
Passions 80 members
Lifestyle 79 members
take a chill pill and grow up people.......
Activities 78 members
My world revolves around music..I usually have some on mist of my awake moments (H)
Movies 77 members
for those who think they found real friend on wire
Activities 76 members
lol so true some of the new toys they got are sweet
Activities 75 members
Dont you just love/hate those people who think they can start acting like their hard online but when you see them they dont say a thing? Like really, acting hard on a keyboard doesn't make you...
Lifestyle 75 members
whos popular in wire
People 74 members
(This club has been deleted)
People 0 members
For all those who have spent hours in front of their screens For all those who dress up to talk to their faraway lover For all those who have made skype their favorite place in the world For all...
Activities 72 members
If you expect nothing, and get nothing, you cant get disappointed. Right...?
Lifestyle 71 members
:-O if you also hate a liar:duel: join here :) should never be a liar
People 71 members
For those that leave to watch gametrailers or read the bbc website, but then find out you've been logged into wire for far, far longer than you thought. It's a conspiracy.
Off Topic 71 members
Just because you don't believe it or share the same opinion doesn't mean you have to be rude and disrespectful. Understand that different people have different opinions and walks of life and will not...
Lifestyle 70 members
wheather they are gals or boys..
Off Topic 69 members
Best pickup line ever!
Activities 68 members
Damn! Forgot to comment! :facepalm:
Games 68 members
Activities 68 members
sometimes we all are in bad, depressed mood, we can't understand ppl & they can't understand us, it's s*cks :@
Activities 68 members
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: You're Always on my mind... Luv Ya' :heart:
Passions 68 members
Won't be so secret when you post them here! ;)
Activities 65 members
Grrrrr, sick pricks.
People 64 members
if you want someone... just ask. you never no your luck
Passions 64 members
for those who have morals, ethics and principles to uphold, doing the right thing no matter how hard it is.
People 64 members
w00t w00t w00t (H)
Music 64 members
(This club has been deleted)
Lifestyle 0 members
Sorry Rod and Braden, but as much as we love wire there is enough drama on here to start a TV show. I swear you should really contact like some reality TV producers or something to make a show...
Technology 63 members
seriously!!! And did you know their salads have more calories in than a hamburger ...WTF do they do to their salads?? :S:S
Activities 62 members
cuz u no we can control ANYTHING with it :flirty:
Activities 62 members
(This club has been deleted)
Lifestyle 0 members
Comment my blog r I will delete u. Im leaving wire (u say that all the time) I missed the bus, I didnt wake up on time. SHUT THE **** UP! Little cry babies! WHAT A WASTE!
Activities 62 members
OMG these people disgust me to no end!!!!! :@ :rage:
People 62 members
:| You all know what I'm talking about..
Activities 62 members
I am always me! No matter what anyonre says or does. You don't like me...you can shove it!!!!
Lifestyle 62 members
Do you think outside the square?? ;)
People 62 members
There is enough drama in every day life. Wireclub is where many come to escape the drama but find it here anyway. So if you are one of those people that just wants to stay out of the Wireclub...
Lifestyle 62 members
Natural beauty is hard to find these days....im proud of all those ladies that are naturally beautiful.....amen to that.....plastic is bad for you anyways... I have read that putting plastic in...
Activities 61 members
there fawken hot i dont care what some of you might say haha there hot, everything about them, there accents especially fck it drives me crazy lol and yess i need one :|...
Passions 60 members
Its great to kid around :D :happy:, but plz act ur age :| ...
Lifestyle 59 members
:@ :@
People 59 members
HAHHAH a ShIrT i sEeN thought Id SeE HoW ManY PeoPleZ WoULd JoIn..
Activities 59 members
This is for all those wonderful chat and pm moments that you wish you could share and re-read again just for humor and fun, or to warn others of the things you've seen. Post what you want from any...
Activities 58 members
One Voice, One Humanity This is all about the people. People who want to change the world, but just don't know how. This is where new ideas are born, and people are called into action. One by...
People 58 members
(This club has been deleted)
People 0 members
:blahblah::rage:just keep moving if i don't answer your nonsense questions ;)
People 57 members
got something to say ? dont gossip. come say it in my face.
Activities 56 members
Anybody special ...:-O nope ...for me i would like to meet all my friends on WC in real :happy:
Activities 56 members
In a world of fakes, We dare to be real. Are you?
People 56 members
Activities 55 members
Be happy....Life is once...Enjoy :D :P Dont worry, as time goes everything heals .... ;) :mangapunksai: :heart: :mangapunksai:
Lifestyle 55 members
I guess GOOGLE must know what they are doing after all
Technology 55 members
....and that's where I fit in. (H)
Activities 55 members
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Activities 54 members
Just read the damn thing! its on there for a reason :-O
Activities 54 members
The name says it all! What is with there being no :rolleyes: emote? Every other site has one! It is essential! There have been so many missed opportunities to use this cherished emote and it must...
Activities 54 members
if u do this u really need to look at ur self and stop thinking bout ur self think bout the girls feelings for once
Activities 54 members
(self explanitory I think......)
Activities 54 members
:$ :haha: some LoL's for mom that just broke her wrist, laughter is the best medicine. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6YpOXtv1j0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIwTYL1fwJk...
People 54 members
Im tired off those girls posting pics of their boobs,ass etc. Like WTF :| Cant you just put up a normal pic on urself? Be a nice person,and let ppl love you for ur personality ? Not because you...
Activities 53 members
LOL! really!
Activities 53 members
:love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:...
Activities 53 members
If you dont like chuck and like the f word join
Off Topic 53 members
People 52 members
Anyone old enough, will remember the days when MTV, stood for MUSIC TELEVISION, and you could see the music of such artists as Madonna, The Police, Michael Jackson, turned into mini-movies. They even...
Activities 51 members
I see people continually carping on about the level system and asking how do they raise their level. What a joke!!!!! Who cares!!!!! Reminds me of all those people in school who just wanted to...
Off Topic 51 members
Have to say that your just amazing! =)
People 51 members
Who are they, what are they doing????/ :|
People 50 members
I go to laugh at the idiots who do.
Animals 50 members
It is truth. Many ppl talk to eachother. But the way in which they are talking is totally negative. So for that ppl i advice that they must have to quit talking to them :)
People 50 members
The Word "DEAR" Just Freakin' Annoys Me !..:rage:
People 50 members
everyone list the creeps in chat so everyone has a better idea who they are
Off Topic 50 members
Off Topic 49 members
she is the best at everything that she dose on here and i love her as my friend she is alwys there for all of u when u need her the most and yoiu can...
Activities 49 members
Well, yea.. I accept your friend request, not adding you!
People 49 members
Sigh, cos I fricking am :@ :@ :@
Music 49 members
This club is for people of mixed race & lovers of mixed race people :flirty::strong:(H) NO RACISTS FVCKS :duel:
People 48 members
:) :rose: Beautiful words mean beautiful mind, and hopefully a beautiful soul as well. This is more important than most men realize, cos believe me, she will not look that great when she is sixty...
People 48 members
Activities 48 members
A place to enjoy our beautiful culture, cooking, wine & passion
People 48 members
for all those who agree to the abovementioned! ;)
People 48 members
Blahhh. D: i want friendsss. not someone to perv mahh pictures. :rage:
Activities 47 members
Activities 47 members
Alfred Edward Housman wrote a poem inspired by his life-long unrequited love for his best friend Moses Jackson: "He would not stay for me, and who can wonder? He would not stay for me to...
People 47 members
Basically, I want an icon that suggests that you're rolling your eyes. Join and tell Wireclub Rod what we think!
Technology 46 members
:@ <<<< I swear that's how I look when I click on a page and all of a sudden my comp lags LIKE IT'S GETTING F*CKING SPAMMED by the amount of images irrelevant to the people that post them. 1 or 2 os...
People 46 members
:evilbanana: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4KfH_-HstQ
People 46 members
Activities 46 members
come and join the club :S
Off Topic 46 members
Welcome to Who Shares My Birthday? Enter the day and the year if you wish in your birthday month and see who else from your friends shares the same birthday.
Activities 46 members
Yep, nothing better to do :'(
Technology 46 members
I got it ;) but thanks for deleting me cuz I know now what kind of person u are (H) and u know me also that im only friends to those people who treated me as a friend and respect my friendship:toast:
Technology 46 members
Freaks only!!!!!!
People 45 members
Those of you who think you know everything, are annoying those of us who do.
Activities 45 members
OMG!! I'm on the PC everyday!!! :| :| :| :| :|
Technology 45 members
How long have you been a member...lets take attendance!! (H)
Hobbies 45 members
I cant think with all of these shiney objects around :)
Off Topic 45 members
Of course she has 50k friends shes wearing a thong in her profile pic
Technology 45 members
take it or leave it
Activities 44 members
Activities 44 members
UserVoice - Suggestions for WireClub Here you can easily share & find any suggestions or ideas you may have posted on UserVoice, the suggestion management portion of WireClub. You can also ask...
People 44 members
I saw the old 80s movie and is this really true??? are nerds really better in bed?
Lifestyle 44 members
Friendships and Relationships are a two way street, Im not going to be the only one walking down it while you stand perfectly still.
Off Topic 43 members
Hobbies 43 members
does anyone EVER act their age? I doubt it. I dont. I love to do crazy things lol. Who doesnt??
Lifestyle 43 members
A place where all manner of pagans, wiccans, heathens, whatever your faith is, to hang out, chat, find friends and support for the community, share ideas, rituals, spells, etc. This club is for...
Lifestyle 43 members
:| Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them….
Off Topic 43 members
You know who we are!
Activities 43 members
Lying destroys more than just trust in a relationship!
People 43 members
Cus sometimes even after U read whole of it U still not fully understood^^ ♫♥ρΐηκζόvзγ♥♪♫
Activities 43 members
Are u a heartless biatch....pls join here :D
People 43 members
Food 42 members
All about the spicy tuna roll baby...
Food 42 members
Because Your Hot :duh: ;) :P
People 42 members
We, the people of the NBSA, are here to support all women of all different breast sizes. We are strong believers of the chesticles.
Activities 41 members
i did .......she used nd threw me away as if i am a trash :(
Activities 41 members
Hey Everyone...I satarted this club cause I loooove Star Trek. And no, all that join or not Nerds!
Passions 41 members
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHUL2ia5vCw people like this guy sicken and disgust me and today I told my co worker and she kinda laughed a little. its nothing to laugh about when your a poor...
Animals 41 members
:duh: why try it on someone who is in a relationship..seriously?
Activities 41 members
Mmmmmmmm...just sounded yummy!!
Food 41 members
they all should burn in hell with a pain full death :@ :@
People 41 members
I JUST LOVE HAMBURGERS. NOT MCDONALD'S BURGER KING OR WENDY'S. I usually order the chicken sandwich in these places. So far I've tried Johnny Rockettes, Five Guy's both located in Manhaattan, and...
Food 41 members
nothing to say here because i already say boobies i love u:duh:
Activities 40 members
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
Lifestyle 40 members
You can clearly find me on google pictures at any time! Wanna meet me? Well I will have an excuse. I might just get in a car accident on the way :D But don't worry! I've been on microphone! I MUST...
People 40 members
I should never have looked at your gallery. My illusions are shattered forever!! :'(
Activities 39 members
Being Me is not EASY, whoever thinks this can join this club and fingerprint Ur DNA, it will be conserved even after generations=")
Activities 39 members
I wanted to create this as I wanted to know who everyone thinks are the sweetest users on Wire...I have a quite alot, who do you want to add? :D :P
Activities 38 members
if you can show respect
Activities 38 members
it really is
Activities 38 members
Contrary to popular belief there are no babies in baby powder
Business 38 members
im not actually going to believe that youre level 10, sitting here every damn day and still having an amazing highly important life and tons of wild parties... c'mon. be real.
Activities 38 members
:) Always remember to treat people the way you would like to be treated. If you are nice to people they will treat you in the right manner...
People 38 members
People 37 members
The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for...:rose:
Activities 37 members
thx too rod for creating w-c :)
Activities 37 members
(This club has been deleted)
Activities 0 members
(This club has been deleted)
Shows 0 members
Therez no excuse! If u think ur ugly at least give ppl a chance to agree or disagree with u!
Technology 35 members
Music 35 members
This is for those who agree that a relationship should not be I-give-you-take; it's should be both people give and take. It's about COMPROMISE!
People 35 members
Don't disrespect the family or you'll sleep with the fishes. FORGET ABOUT IT!
Business 35 members
Did you drink from the river of chocolate because they made you do it? :|
Off Topic 35 members
If I'm not nice to you just means that I've had enough of your shite
Activities 34 members
I just want to c how many ppl Agree or Disagree its a real Vote this time lol :-O :-O :-O :-O Im not sayin she is the Hottest girl in the worl cause i already know who that is lol ;)
Entertainment 34 members
dont add someone just for the sake of increasing ur "friends" number.
Off Topic 34 members
yeah, basically this club is for people that love making friends......... in a non disrespectful way of course...
Activities 34 members
Music 33 members
And that is why we can't do anything but laugh at all the drama.
Shows 33 members
Why so serious??? ;) :P ;) :P
Movies 33 members
hehehehehehehehehehehehe for the not so creepy pervs
Activities 33 members
(This club has been deleted)
People 0 members
Did u say i love you :-O but meant it for some one else :P
Activities 33 members
In addition to the money drain drug is very toxic substances for the body. Many of the harmful effects of drugs
Lifestyle 32 members
*hugs* :D
Activities 32 members
C'mon, fix the lag. It's been going on for 2 weeks now. It's getting really annoying to not being able to do anything on this site. Soon people might as well leave since they can't do anything..
People 32 members
Technology 32 members
You're not the only one who's made mistakes, but they're the only things that you can truly call your own. ~ Billy Joel :)
Off Topic 32 members
They are the best friends you can have
Activities 32 members
:haha: your "pic" came up on tineye 368597625 times... yah.. busted...
Activities 32 members
f*ck those c*ckblockers! :D
Food 32 members
I am sick of being on chat and seeing these men with shirtless pictures as their display image. sure some look ok... but others look not so ok. i click on a name to read a profile and see this old...
People 31 members
cause winter is so bad to be in
Activities 31 members
(This club has been deleted)
Lifestyle 0 members
our beloved Popoye has gone the way of the dodo :)
Activities 31 members
we are the bunnies the bunnes for the munnies all u nees is a hot bunny suit
Activities 31 members
:flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty: :flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty: :flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty: :flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty::flirty:...
Activities 31 members
It's for everyone who loves music from 80's(Fancy,Bad Boys Blue,Modern Talking,CC Catch,Sandra,Savage,Frida,Samanta Fox,Marcy,Silent Circle...;D)
Music 30 members
lol Ok so we all have dreams that we can't explain. The psychological explanation is that our subconscious mind is still wide awake processing our emotions, fears, etc... as our conscious mind lay...
People 30 members
Family Guy Is Funny In Many Ways When I Look At The Show,They Have Unique Chracters,Stewie The English Baby,Meg The Daughter,Chris The Son,Brain The Dog,Peter Is The Dad,And Louis The Mom,Family Guy...
Shows 30 members
IF You have an issue with My Color Religion Location Believes your not my friend!
Activities 30 members
We're Special :P
Activities 30 members
Movies 30 members
Like really, i cannot stand THOSE LOSERS who create rooms and think its fun to get their rocks off by kicking people for no reason, like its not that funny, GET OVER YOURSELVES.
Off Topic 29 members
I am not a Stranger! ;) I am like you and I am like everybody :openarms: Get to know me :love: We shall be Friends :hug:
People 29 members
hmm have had yours today :|
People 29 members
ok peeps been on for 2 days and wire is turning into f ing pre school im discusted
Activities 29 members
:| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|...
Animals 29 members
:haha: bahahahaha :haha: are you naughty are you lovely. Do you love to make fun. Do you want to make laugh and let ppl laugh. Join here :banana: :area51: :cupid: WIRECLUB NAUGHTY USERS :banghead:
People 29 members
I am though :|
Activities 29 members
Sometimes :$
Lifestyle 29 members
for fans of erecting things
Activities 29 members
You have problems! http://www.wireclub.com/Users/%ce%98%26%23165%3b%26%23160%3bB%40rsh%40%26
Activities 29 members
Meh idk. im making random sh!t so i can get to 5000 clubs.
Activities 29 members
boredom at its best....:S
Activities 28 members
Don't say it if you don't mean it.
Activities 28 members
For those of us who have failed epicly on here. Give us proof though ;)
Activities 28 members
Whom you think the useless mod of wireclub. And whom do you think the helpful mod of wireclub. :)
Technology 28 members
(This club has been deleted)
Lifestyle 0 members
(This club has been deleted)
Passions 0 members
:-O it takes any size position and changes its oil every 4 weeks its a shame self managment is so fvucking tempermental :-O
Activities 28 members
Yeah you know them, they are the ones that are outspoken and will say what everyone is thinking but don't have the balls to say.
Activities 28 members
People 27 members
?* It wouldn't let me add a question mark. Lmao
Activities 27 members
seriously...i can name a few and honestly..ive been pregnant-went through all the doctor appointments and YOU CANNOT TELL A FETUS IS MALE OR FEMALE UNTIL U REACH 20 WKS in your PREGNANCY so dont come...
Activities 27 members
It gets me through my chat day
Activities 27 members
When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there....
People 27 members
I am a senior member to WireClub (H)
Activities 27 members
:P Contains * S for sexual references and/or s3x scenes * A for adult themes and/or dangerous stunts * N for nudity * D for drug references and/or drug use * B for colourful behaviour * L...
Lifestyle 26 members
(This club has been deleted)
Activities 0 members
Champagne For My Real Friends and Real Pain For My Sham Friends!
People 26 members
So... it's that time of year when everyones getting naked. All that's left to ask is... who do you want to see? Here's our list, add your own :)
Passions 26 members
Blam this piece of shit!!!!!! Theres just so much wrong with this series i cant fit it all in this description!
Entertainment 26 members
Who's ur wc crush ..?
People 26 members
:hug: true friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself :rose:
Activities 26 members
Cuz u gotta deal with its annoyingness. Im too fuuckin tired for that noise!
Health 25 members
any1 got myspace? lol :P
Technology 25 members
the title speaks for itself :)
Activities 25 members
Smoking Kills! Not just yourself, also the people around you. :| :| DOnt Smoke Be Safe (H)
Lifestyle 25 members
Activities 25 members
what is it with some ppl :$ i say something nice nxt i thing i know they think im in love with them! OH PLEASE!!:facepalm: Drop ur ass bk down to reality!.. :S
Activities 25 members
The club that goes along with the Pukie's Diner chat.
People 25 members
Thats right! You may have more money than me, have a bigger house than me, and be better looking than me....but Im a helluva lot more clever than you, and I will make you look like a fool - LIKE A...
Off Topic 24 members
:-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O
Technology 24 members
:) I know this happens to more then just me
Fashion 24 members
dnt we all love 80's music ....:heart:
Music 24 members
Be a revolutionary reader!
Books 24 members
we're just developmentally delayed
Activities 24 members
Do you spit or swallow??
Activities 24 members
:) It's not about your friends having YOUR back, It's about YOU having your friends back.
People 24 members
Things you've heard wire members say that were funny/memorable and you're still lolling at it weeks later
Activities 24 members
As the saying Goes "One of a kind" :P
People 24 members
That is the best to me :) How about you?
Lifestyle 23 members
The cold hard awsome truth!!! :rock: on Pepsi
Brands 23 members
:D :D :D On here and on facebook :)
Technology 23 members
,ø¤º°`°º`*Ferrero Rocher lovers*` °º¤ø,¸ gotta love dis chocs...melts in ur mouth...yummiee
Food 23 members
:happy: Thanks Admins for exploring wire. :happy: yahoooooooooooooooooo.:happy:
Activities 23 members
Post another... then maybe I'll talk to ya!
Activities 23 members
this is just a club for 80's rock fans! to jst talk music!
Music 23 members
FFS you stupid orange girls. YOU'RE ORANGE AND NOT BROWN!!!!
Activities 23 members
People 23 members
Like, I mean seriously. What's with all these club names that have words misspelled? "we hate somkers" ... really? What the fuсk is a "somker". I mean, clearly it's meant to be "smoker" but, have...
Activities 23 members
This club is ment for people to come up with crack pot theories that are based on logic. As long as you can support your theory its ok 8^P
Education 23 members
I hate being rich on wire and broke in real life
Entertainment 22 members
(This club has been deleted)
Lifestyle 0 members
Bullshitting is an art form that requires creativity, talent, and imagination. It requires years of practice like any other art form.
Lifestyle 22 members
Yep, its true :) I seem to be on a lot of peoples shit list lately idk why and I dont really care its the internet :) talk thats what its for right?? anyone else get talked about? :P
Activities 22 members
when it is stiff, stick it in! (now that is a love poem)
Activities 22 members
Sure, be a jerk, or be real nice, but be consistent. Don't have two faces
People 22 members
For those who love me! ;)
Activities 22 members
Only chicks Do it for me :$ :D :P
People 22 members
For the movie enthusiast
Activities 22 members
Joinnn if your rapidly losing friends on wire!
People 22 members
if your not weird dont bother coming in. :P :headbang: :rock:
People 21 members
:) I come here to WC cause i am addicted to it and I love to visit with my friends and make new ones. I love to also pick on someone when i am mad!! ;) Love you Wireclub!
Lifestyle 21 members
yes...You can keep your secret identity safe on Wireclub! :P
Hobbies 21 members
Activities 21 members
For the people that want to state their intent to stay a member of Wireclub
Hobbies 21 members
October is breast cancer awareness month. On my behalf and on behalf of most of the men in the world, I have started this club because there is nothing worst than boobies gone bad. If you like boobs...
Health 21 members
It's funny to see them kiss mod's ass
Activities 21 members
:@ :@ Its annoying!!!!!!!!
Activities 21 members
We don’t know much each other in person but once you treated me as a friend u can count on me as your long distance friend…we are like family here on wire… :)
Technology 21 members
Whoever agrees that their are too many walks of life on wire for one to be able to discuss any religion openly without disapproval or slander against ones religion. Just keep it out of wire.
Lifestyle 21 members
its just internet let it go! haha :P its not real life :P if u think it is than get a life :P haha :D
Activities 21 members
1: DjMorpheus 2: Kurt/SeductivePassions(same person) 3: Shane/Emo 4: Greekman 5: Universal/Jason 6: Shatr 7: Erica 8: Seth 9: PinnacleOfAwesome 10: Metsfan
People 21 members
:evilbanana: :P :evilbanana:
Off Topic 21 members
dreams and fantasies becoming reality would be great!!!!! :D
Off Topic 20 members
This is a Club for guys and girls who feel guys and girls who rape are complete cowards and dont deserve respect
Passions 20 members
Lifestyle 20 members
In my case, I know I deserve better. I tell myself "those people who leave or forgot me isn't worth my love and attention. It's not about getting over a person, it's about feeling good about...
People 20 members
Good i don't want to be a Jedi, they don't have any fun!
Movies 20 members
There is FAR too much going on here in the wireclub :@
Activities 20 members
:) :rose: I follow my own star and my own inner compass :)
Activities 20 members
List restaurant and item/s in question.
Food 20 members
my mom says i shouldnt hang around lots of guys becuz all they want is s3x =PPP :|
Activities 20 members
Come on people
Off Topic 20 members
For all of us that do our daily pervin of our friends and future friends profiles! :P
People 20 members
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkSN65cJKOE It's so sad and makes me sick that anyone could do this. :@
People 19 members
I feel so much more comfortable wearing odd socks...I know I'm not the only one....
People 19 members
Because not many ppl are Real enough to accept truth so they equate it to being a negative thinker instead of someone who sees the Big Picture.
Activities 19 members
Sweet,adorable...and simply fantastic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyYEBDpQjjk
Activities 19 members
How many have u blocked, mine is an endless countless number, it changes all the time... :| At the moment i am sitting with 63 people blocked... ahhhhhh block button is good.
Activities 19 members
This shit pisses me off, don't let me catch you, or you won't like me too much if you're alive to like me at all.
Passions 19 members
that means I m not interested to talk to ya,leave me alone!!!dont be so annoying :@ :@
Off Topic 19 members
The aim of this Club is to bring people together, those that are looking for the love of their life. Come in and you will surely secure a permanent relationship.
Activities 19 members
I say dorky things and am a complete geek, get over it :P :|
Activities 19 members
And this is just one of them! :happy: :P
Activities 19 members
my main goal on this website is to BUST FAKES and trust me..i can bust EVERY fake on here. bring me the page (if i havent been there allready) and ill bust them in a few minutes not just with a name...
Passions 19 members
Our parents give all what they have to make us happy but we are forgetful . Pls , No matter how busy you are ; share some time with ur parents & take care of them .
People 19 members
Please leave your vagina at the door and MAN UP
Animals 19 members
I am tired of pretend attitude Don'tmesswithmeiamsohardbollocks. We all know that you are sitting there in your jammies trying to keep quiet so you don't disturb the other people in your house.
People 18 members
Everyone is a little pervey at times, just gotta know how to conduct ourself appropriately for the situation :)
Activities 18 members
What you think you know is wrong and what you don't is probably right. Don't assume anything. Ask. Understand. It's not all black and white
Activities 18 members
honestly, how great is it?
Activities 18 members
What makes a man or a woman undateable?
People 18 members
first we called it Spaghetti then we started calling it Pasta and now we f-ing call it Carbohydrates... WTF
Food 18 members
wouldnt it be nice to chat with no drama queen or kings??/
Passions 18 members
Seems to explain itself. If the topic is out there alredy i can't find it. So hrer it is lets chat. I'm fed up with the state of thing and see the future as a downwards slope
People 18 members
Shows 18 members
This is the club where you can post all your thanks and appreciation for the certain great people here on Wire you have come across and share with others who you think truly are great. Something much...
Activities 18 members
Just how pervy can you get???
Activities 18 members
Passions 18 members
(H) :D :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O...
Off Topic 18 members
:P Lol its an easy way to be rude and get away with it!!
Lifestyle 18 members
and the same right to be just as miserable as everyone else :)
Activities 18 members
its society that corrupts us !!!!! :|
Activities 18 members
Talk about your dreams, your goals, your passions, what drives you
Passions 18 members
After all, who doesn’t like to be hugged, spoiled, or shown to that someone loves you? :P <3
Lifestyle 17 members
For those of us that are tired of watching the continued symptom of rectalcranium inversion :S
Off Topic 17 members
I personally believe that choosing the right friends is among the most important decisions we can make in our life. The outcome of our life – whether it is good or bad – is determined years before...
People 17 members
The owner of WIRECLUB needs a list of rules for ALL MEMBERS to read and abide to. That way everyone knows first hand what is acceptable or not acceptable. So when they get booted out of a room they...
Business 17 members
I add you to see your profile or to see if we can be friends...
Activities 17 members
Are you lookin for love CLose to Home? Who are you lookin for?
Places 17 members
Oh lord... I'm running out of club ideas LMFAO
Activities 17 members
It even SAYS there's an age limit.
Activities 17 members
:-O Hehe ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPpeC_GW0cg
Activities 17 members
Business 17 members
It's Like Get A Life!!! (H) Lmao
People 17 members
well guess what hun im not the same ive grown up and u still havent :|
Activities 17 members
1.)You have the right to stop typing 2.)Anything you type can and will be held against you 3.)You have the right to a dictionary 4.)If you cannot afford a dictionary go to www.dictionary.com
Passions 17 members
For people who aren't afraid to show their faces on here.
Activities 16 members
we just really love u, B :love:
Activities 16 members
Because some people are racist and they don't even realise it. Try being on the receiving end of racism.
Activities 16 members
So my inner child is refusing to speak to you. Ninja monkey's working on a truce!
Off Topic 16 members
with a side of freshly baked screw you :P :P :P
Off Topic 16 members
Well we all know them; stupid people. Seems like its a plaque:|
People 16 members
LIKE MEH..bhahaha quit trying so hard..there's no cash prize at the end.....gawsh... :facepalm:
Activities 16 members
*shudders* Voldemort. :| damn. :facepalm:
People 16 members
for all those men that keep getting picked on for not being able to successfully multi-task, when we all know its because we cant be stuffed doing more than one thing at a time.... ;)
Off Topic 16 members
How it is when loose family and friends to death or how you do when find out your friends or family is in coma and what should we do?
People 16 members
This is where you can post epic stories of hilarity and pwnage. :facepalm:
Activities 16 members
Kinky teases with a feather. Freaky uses the whole chicken.
Off Topic 16 members
(H) 1: DjMorpheus 2: Kurt/SeductivePassions(same person) 3: Shane/Emo 4: Greekman 5: Universal/Jason 6: Shatr 7: Erica 8: Seth 9: PinnacleOfAwesome 10: Metsfan
Activities 16 members
Just because you know I'm stronger than you doesn't mean you have to bring me down. :strong:
People 15 members
talk about history of the us,england,and more.
Off Topic 15 members
it kill's them inside to see violence in front of their eyes their little pure heart will turn into hate a little innocent child will turn into a hater ...why ? why can't a child be a...
Off Topic 15 members
Stupid boys retarded girls
Activities 15 members
Break my heart destroy my soul and leave me crying i’d still love you and i won’t expect you to love me in return … :broken::broken::broken::broken: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSPFDscgX0A
Passions 15 members
Always tripping over things, hurting people by accident, breaking stuff and knocking stuff over...etc? You're not the only one. This is for those of you who are clumsy as well. Without us doctors,...
Lifestyle 15 members
all those who love to b alone, have great music, feel themselves...heres a club for uuuuuuuuuuu.
Music 15 members
Just wish he would fall for it so i would be in charge ohh yeah POWER OVER OTHER PEOPLE!
Activities 15 members
This club is dedicated to the hard working people that provide the best screenshot worthy comments in the rooms,
Off Topic 15 members
:( which is sad thing until you get over it
Off Topic 15 members
Activities 15 members
Having a Hell of a time on the Korner of Kind & Order! Right down the street from S.T.F.U Blvd. & UR MY Bish Ave.!! Come one, come all. Oh... And we've got cookies!! Now booking reservations at GET...
Off Topic 15 members
Here those who Study physics or love physics speak and say details about themself or their university or any other related subject.<br /><br />with best<br />Aresinfight
Education 15 members
People 15 members
Dads moms son daughters nieces sisters brothers you know it i got it!
People 15 members
yeah u heard me I will question U!!!
Activities 14 members
http://www.wireclub.com/Clubs/people+who+ban+without+any+reason+shouldnt+be+allowed+to+create+a+room Pfftshh.
Off Topic 14 members
Just wondering...we all have different tastes, and likes and dislikes..
Activities 14 members
to see if there's a club I want to join or a new pic to comment on... I can't stop! I constantly check my updates so I don't miss anything!
Lifestyle 14 members
Geez I Want To Know The Reason" Its More Stupid Than Family Guy When I Get A Add By A Girl" And She Is Slient Like A Cat Sleeping. It Pisses Me Off.
People 14 members
hahahahaha moderator kitteh :haha:
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All the drama, lies, love, laughs and such..its a joke really it is!
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THAT is why I put "lol" after just about everything I say, so that people can get that I'm not being serious. I wish there was a way for people to know the "tone" of your "voice" while you text....
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People 14 members
(This club has been deleted)
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Yum yum yum
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Today everyone is creating clubs about s3x so I wanted to get in on the act lol :P
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Activities 14 members
;) People on Wireclub That are more than just a name... Who do you truly appreciate???? Who rocks your world??? Who makes you laugh & smile alot??? Who is very...
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ITS LIKE YOURE YELLING ALL THE TIME. you dont have to shout :P we hear ya.
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Rember all republicans are the same they are all greedy bastards they dont care about the middle class they just care about the rich.
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thats all: dont get marr1ed unless you are g4y!
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Karma is a b!tch to some people.. Certain things you do to other people will come back to you three times as bad!
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oh u need weapons :@ wwweeeeaaaakkk (H)
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its annoying when someone is harrassing another chatter and the chatter who is annoyed at the other and was told to use the block button and they refuse to use it... if you dont use the block button...
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Master*baters unite
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