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Girlfriend requirements..... as inspired by Electroshock Therapy

Most everyone has standards for the opposite and or same s~% they wish to spend time with, being a relationship with or just be intimate. These are mine.

1. Looks good in a bikini meaning she must be attractive. I am aware of the shallowness of this but men are by nature visual creatures. She does not have to be conventionally beautiful nor does she have to be this model stick figure. She can have meat on her bones. Curves are still nice to look at. I find Sarah Jessica Parker attractive. Race, religion, creed, bust size, hair color, eye color, clothes style are not relevant.

2. She has to be able to figure pi to it's 100th digit only using a pencil and paper meaning she has to be smart. Obviously this is an extreme example which I do not expect to be taken literally. I do like intelligence. It is ok for her to be a nerd. Whatever the passion of her subject is, she is knowledgeable and intellectually curious. As an example, she sees a movie she likes and then Googles it to get more information related to it.

3. Must not be a bz%#&. Obviously I fully intend to explain this. I respect a woman voicing her opinions, even if they disagree with my own. It makes for good debate and possible angry s^& later. I refer to her being a pissy personality, not liking my friends or trying to make me something I am not.

4. Not a virgin. Self explanatory I hope. I have my share of virgins and I prefer a woman with experience. I will make exceptions based on the situation and the woman herself.

5. Must be over 25 but under 40. Again, pretty obvious. Again, I will make exceptions.

6. Must be unattached. Another obvious one, she should be single unless she is in an open relationship. That is the only exception. I do not want to have 'the other man' drama.

7. Must be geographically acceptable. Another very obvious choice. I want my future ex girlfriend/lover/etc. to be close enough to date, plain and simple.

I do not think I am being overboard with my current standards. I am not 18 anymore where a female and a heartbeat was all that I needed. Feel free to comment.
Jim: Oh are those your standards? LOL
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DirtyPanda: :worhip: Jim..your my idol.
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Jim: I edited it in the physical section to include the fact that I like women with curves.
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