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Mouse's S~^ Survey.... Thanks Becks

Have you lied to get someone into bed?
never had

Have you been scared when opening up someone’s pants because you have found out they have something they shouldn’t?

When was the last time you masturbated?

How often do you m*z@#^%$~x?
once a day

Who’s name do you moan the most?
i do not kiss and tell

Have you ever been a booty call?

Have you ever hooked up with someone and had syw in a club and then left with a different person?
never had

Who do you think about when you m@%*y^*%$*?
it varies

Whats your biggest turn on and why ?
beautiful women and the answer is obvious

What do you enjoy most in s%*?
the sensations and pleasing the other person

Have you ever called the wrong person’s name ?

Do you like to use toys throughout s%&?
the star trek action figures are left in the box

Have you ever been knocked out while having s@w?

Your favourite sy* position?
cowgirl facing

If you were having swx just now .. what's the one thing you want to be done to you?

Whats your favourite part of your lover’s body?
it varies

What do you check out first when you check someone out?
eyes then mouth

What’s the most kinkiest thing you have ever done ?
again with the kiss and telling

How many times have you had sz@?
lots and lots

Worst sw& and why?
she just lied there..... no moans or nothing

Thing u say most during s%x?
that would be telling

Do you want s~% now ?
is this a trick question