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I work with children all day long so it's nice to have some adults to converse with while they are napping...
I do have a man in my life, so no I'm not interested in video chat, kik or skype nor am I looking to hook up. I'm on here because this is where I like to chat.
Just friendly conversation please.

If you're not the person you say you are or portray yourself to be in your photos, then please leave me alone. I have run into so many fake profiles on here that it makes me wonder why I even bother. I keep my friend list short and private because of this.

Just be your damn self.
There's nobody else out there you need to be...

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Ozzy613: This is the most entertaining video I've seen on here LOL
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vikingodin29: 🤣
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Skywalker 1
Skywalker 1: 😂 no domination !!
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