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70 Not-so-happily married Male from Jonesboro       12
I am an older man, I am very open, very honest, friendly, a bit of a flirt, a little naughty at times but I am also a respectful man that is looking for lady friends...but I am D.O.M.
I am looking for a real lady, not some fake model type..
you can also find me at my e-mail,
I love to chat but you must have pics and be willing to share and above all, you need to talk and chat. I am not a collector of names, I seek friends, real friends..

BRG6379: My site grip:
Why do so many women come on this site to chat, or to say they want to chat, only to want to go to another site like hangouts? Most of thos sites like hangouts you have to post your cell phone number to get on the site then they are able to get that number and use it as they wish as well as find out all sorts of information about you to include you home address too... I keep saying, I just want a nice lady to chat with and get to know..
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BRG6379: Time to say a few things about wire. It's not wire, it's the members here. There are a lot of fake people here, men saying they are women and children claiming to be adults, models trying to sell their pictures and hookers looking for dates, where are the real honest people here.? I am only wanting to find a nice lady to be a friend and chat with me openly and often if possible.
Come by and say hi, I look forward to hearing from you...
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BRG6379: Just so everyone knows, I am looking for a lady friend, age is not important but she should understand a few things about me up front. I am 70, married, not happy at all. I have ED, if you do not know what that is, I'm sure Google can tell you all about it. I am not looking for any hook ups, no dates, just an online thing, friends to talk and share. I love to see pictures and will share what I have as well. I have a couple ladies that may be just the one I am looking for, I hope so but then, maybe you are too. Come on by some times, let's chat a while..
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The flowers are lined lined up the road,
The faint sound of a croaking toad,
Brings the quiet night alive with sound,
The pale light of fireflies abound.

The wind blows lightly down the lane,
The stars shine brightly on a different plane,
The moon smiles down full and bright,
Giving romance throughout the night.

He holds her hand tightly to his heart,
Knowing they will never part.
Her eyes tell of her love for him,
As a squirrel dances on a limb.

A new life has started in her womb,
No more tears, no more glum,
Through ages has the road been worn,
So too, another family is born.

By; Bobby
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The cars drive up and down the street,
Steady they go, steady as a heart beat.
Hundreds of people go on their way,
But to me they have nothing to say.
They can not look into my heart,
They can not see what tears me apart.
People walk by deep in their own thought,
In their own lives they are caught.
A friendly word every now and then,
A friendly word from women and men.
This is something I long to hear,
Just a friendly word spoke into my ear.
I'm not a monster, not ugly at all,
I always come when in need you call.
I enjoy life, I enjoy having fun,
With me one would be happy when the day is done.
But for some reason that I do not know,
Alone in my life I continue to go.
The years pass quickly and I grow old,
This is no way to live I've been told.
Alone in my life the time passes by,
Alone in my life, I shall die......

By: Bobby
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BRG6379: The Shepherd’s View

The darkness settles clear and bright,
You can see a million stars in this night.
A queer peacefulness covers all the earth,
As if we are about to witness some great birth.
The night sky fills with a wondrous sound,
As if there is singing all around.
Sheep lay down to rest from the day,
The shepherds watch as some continue to play.
One star, bigger and brighter than all the rest,
Seem to cause all the sheep to act their best.
Is something up that we don’t know?
The air is quite still, the wind doesn’t blow.
An image appears before my frightened eyes,
The figure, bright and beautiful, fills the skies.
A voice I hear, spoken directly toward me,
Says, “Fear not and I shall tell you what is to be.”
“Tonight, this very night, not very far from here,
A child is born, he shall end all your fear.”
“Go now and follow that star,
You won’t have to go all that far,
You will see what God has done,
As he gives you His very on Son.”
I followed that star as I was told,
And there in a crib, a sight to behold.
Why was I chosen to look upon his face?
There are so many better people in this human race.
I know that after all of this,
I shall know nothing but heavenly bliss.
Listen to me, hear what I say,
Find this child, find Him today.
Look upon the purity of man,
That God has given through his plan.
God’s own Son is born unto us this day,
Let us drop to our knees and pray.
This child shall lead us into perfect salvation,
No more will man know of starvation.
This child shall keep us safe and free,
This is a gift from God for you and me.

By: Bobby
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