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-"Where you going?"
~"With luck, forward."


1: *sees the rubble of a house* What happened here?
2: There was a girl who lived in this house once. She befriended a giant.
1: Guess she learned her lesson huh?
2: Most likely not. Chances are she would do it again.

Especially The Little Things

I'm the kind of person who will eat around the little chocolate chunks in a tub of icecream because I know they're your favorite. And I'll make sure to save all of the little marshmallows in my cereal for you because you like those nasty little things. Even if you don't ask, I'll scratch your back for you. I mean REALLY scratch your back. You eat the onions off of my burgers, I eat your pickles and tomatoes in return. When you get stressed or anxious I'll rub your ear and breathe gently on your forehead, giving you little kisses. My hand will entwine itself with yours as you're driving. The air in the car will always be a little bit warm when I adjust it just the way you like it. And I will cuddle up against you when I awake in the middle of the night. I have a tender loving soul. I just want to love, especially the little things.

I'd Like To Think

I'd like to think that one day, there will be less negativity. I'd like to think that the negativity would melt away taking all the war and corruption with it. I'd like to think that there are forces invisible to the naked human eye helping us throughout our everyday lives. I'd like to think that we are all connected by life itself. I'd like to think that everyone and everything could get along the way it should. I'd like to think people weren't so driven by power or greed. I'd like to think that future generations won't have to deal with extreme traumas. I'd like to think the universe is watching over us, silently judging life's every detail. And life goes on, until the sun's luminescence dies out. While particles combine and seperate, the atmosphere disintegrates. Everything will slowly cease to exist. Space continues long after earth withers away with the stars around it. And I'd like to think of that as a new beginning.