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August 29, 2009, saturday 2:11 am local time

Last night sleep caught me while I was entering the NASA web site. The battery of the MacBook run out and 20 hours later when I turn it on I'm back at the space. I’ve just been downloading some pictures, so I can change the desktop. All day I’ve thinking about the idea of “Friday on Earth”. If someone asked me which is my favourite day of the week no doubt I’d say Friday. It’s always been. Friday was the best day during school. Everyone was in good mood, and today when school has turned into a Mon-Fri job, Friday still is a day when people come down to the kitchen and have a beer or two. I remember one day I saw a not very serious start of a fight, and what came to my mind and went out through my mouth was: “Don’t fight. It’s Friday.”

I wonder if Friday is the favourite day on Earth or if it’s only for a 10, a 25, a 50 or a 75 % of the six continents.

Today it was even a better Friday. FC Barcelona won the European Super Cup beating the UEFA champion Shakhtar Donetsk after another match of excellent football. How beautiful is this sport when is played by Barça. And it’s only the start of the season.