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Diary 2

August 28, 2009 - What object can never be stolen in an office? The clock. All the employees have always their eyes fixed on it. - I often remember that old joke by the French Coluche when I’m at work.
Sometimes I think of grabbing the clock of the kitchen I work in and change the time so we could get out earlier, say, at 7:00 instead of at 8:00. That would be just so great, even it the effort was useless, as we all have to punch out. But man, one hour. It feels like the most precious present one can get. Do you want a new dress? No. Do you want new shoes? No. A new mobile? A CD? A car? No, nein, non. Just give me one hour, and I’ll be the happiest man in this town.
It’s probably the proof that very few people work in a job they like.