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The sky is blue as an orange

Shame one can't join fotografs to this blog.

October sweet October

First week at work. Everything fine. Still writing, even during the week. Great idea, buying a portable MacIntosh.
On Wireclub: this looks like Robinson Crusoe's island.
I'm supposed to be chatting here, knowing people and hopefully getting a couple of nice dates. But, man, I don't see the point chatting up with people in the U.S. of A. And I don't get in touch with people around Barcelona.
Talking about the U.S. of A. The only way I can understand Barack Obama winning the Nobel Award for Peace is this: the jury tries to say that Georges Bush Jr has been the worse ally for world peace this decade. Otherwise it's giving an award to someone that hasn't done anything yet. The best thing Obama can do for peace is releasing information on how come two solid buildings as the Twin Towers fell down as exploded from the inside.
I'm listening 'Rubber Soul', a Beatles album. Great as it is, probably their best album in my opinion is 'A Hard Day's Night'. I used to think it was 'Revolver', but in the first period there are many jewels as well.
Who cares, anyway. No-one will read this. Where the heck will be doing at this moment M. Friday.