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Tomorrow is the last day of work before holydays. I can’t get asleep as I keep thinking how to manage the last day with the person I work with, who I hate and who hates me. Lighting a candle might not be enough.
* * * *
Today I sent three videos through Facebook. It’s so exciting –it’s like making a short film at home. It gives me the idea of making some sort of comic news program. It could be funny.
* * * *
I tell you what is funny. It’s funny we spend the whole year working so we can enjoy one month of holydays. This reduces life to 30 days per year. If we consider we spend 33 % of our days sleeping, there’s not much of that something they call life.
* * * *
Watching youtube is so dissappointing. The more I watch videos on line, the more I love my old TV screen, where everything can be seen without interruptions and in top high quality. Cinema screens are even better –the only thing is it’s not free, far from that.
From which we conclude that screens are like football stadiums: the better you want to see, the more you have to pay.