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Try #n to see if the wesite works, many months later

Come on Wireclub, gimme a happy surprise - I just come back here after probably a year - I went to fbook after seeing I couldn't write or upload pictures - I was now playing an interesting game of chess and I dont know if I lost by time because the board dissapeared, just like that.

The sky is blue as an orange

Shame one can't join fotografs to this blog.

October sweet October

First week at work. Everything fine. Still writing, even during the week. Great idea, buying a portable MacIntosh.
On Wireclub: this looks like Robinson Crusoe's island.
I'm supposed to be chatting here, knowing people and hopefully getting a couple of nice dates. But, man, I don't see the point chatting up with people in the U.S. of A. And I don't get in touch with people around Barcelona.
Talking about the U.S. of A. The only way I can understand Barack Obama winning the Nobel Award for Peace is this: the jury tries to say that Georges Bush Jr has been the worse ally for world peace this decade. Otherwise it's giving an award to someone that hasn't done anything yet. The best thing Obama can do for peace is releasing information on how come two solid buildings as the Twin Towers fell down as exploded from the inside.
I'm listening 'Rubber Soul', a Beatles album. Great as it is, probably their best album in my opinion is 'A Hard Day's Night'. I used to think it was 'Revolver', but in the first period there are many jewels as well.
Who cares, anyway. No-one will read this. Where the heck will be doing at this moment M. Friday.


Tomorrow is the last day of work before holydays. I can’t get asleep as I keep thinking how to manage the last day with the person I work with, who I hate and who hates me. Lighting a candle might not be enough.
* * * *
Today I sent three videos through Facebook. It’s so exciting –it’s like making a short film at home. It gives me the idea of making some sort of comic news program. It could be funny.
* * * *
I tell you what is funny. It’s funny we spend the whole year working so we can enjoy one month of holydays. This reduces life to 30 days per year. If we consider we spend 33 % of our days sleeping, there’s not much of that something they call life.
* * * *
Watching youtube is so dissappointing. The more I watch videos on line, the more I love my old TV screen, where everything can be seen without interruptions and in top high quality. Cinema screens are even better –the only thing is it’s not free, far from that.
From which we conclude that screens are like football stadiums: the better you want to see, the more you have to pay.

August 31, 2009, Monday 8:55 am local time

I’m so looking forward for Wednesday. It’s been a very hard year at work. Being all the time with the same person at the same work space isn’t good, and if you don’t like your mate or if he’s a bullshiter it’s still worse. But thanks god I had a fight with this old man and I sorted out all my problems and fears. Alleluyah, he ain’t no more in me head! Boy, am I going to enjoy these five weeks.

Actually I don’t want to go anywhere ⎯ why should I go anywhere when I live in Barcelona. I’ll pay a visit to my parents and then I’ll stay in Bcn, at home, with the brand-new MacBook and connected all day now that I have internet for the first time ever. And if I go out, I’ll visit some of the places one must see in Barcelona and that I haven’t seen yet after eight years; or I’ll go and see Jack, help him with his next short film or have some cocktails in his bar.

And dates. Don’t forget the dates. Remember your doctor.

August 29, 2009, saturday 10:50 pm local time

Spare water and soap by doing the dishes with used coffee. In the desert they do the wash up with sand.

This is what I've tried for hours to write on the "updates" section.

August 29, 2009, saturday 6:40 pm local time

The bad part of listening music as it should be done is that if you don’t have noise-proved walls and if you live near motorbikes some other people listen that music too, and probably not enjoying it. On the news they always talk about the space a person should have, but sound doesn’t seem to be considered. Sounds invade other people’s personal space, up to the intimacy. Let’s try at least not to invade with useless noise.

Ears don’t have eyelids.

August 29, 2009, saturday 2:11 am local time

Last night sleep caught me while I was entering the NASA web site. The battery of the MacBook run out and 20 hours later when I turn it on I'm back at the space. I’ve just been downloading some pictures, so I can change the desktop. All day I’ve thinking about the idea of “Friday on Earth”. If someone asked me which is my favourite day of the week no doubt I’d say Friday. It’s always been. Friday was the best day during school. Everyone was in good mood, and today when school has turned into a Mon-Fri job, Friday still is a day when people come down to the kitchen and have a beer or two. I remember one day I saw a not very serious start of a fight, and what came to my mind and went out through my mouth was: “Don’t fight. It’s Friday.”

I wonder if Friday is the favourite day on Earth or if it’s only for a 10, a 25, a 50 or a 75 % of the six continents.

Today it was even a better Friday. FC Barcelona won the European Super Cup beating the UEFA champion Shakhtar Donetsk after another match of excellent football. How beautiful is this sport when is played by Barça. And it’s only the start of the season.

Diary 3

One hour later -There's more than one Paris.

Diary 2

August 28, 2009 - What object can never be stolen in an office? The clock. All the employees have always their eyes fixed on it. - I often remember that old joke by the French Coluche when I’m at work.
Sometimes I think of grabbing the clock of the kitchen I work in and change the time so we could get out earlier, say, at 7:00 instead of at 8:00. That would be just so great, even it the effort was useless, as we all have to punch out. But man, one hour. It feels like the most precious present one can get. Do you want a new dress? No. Do you want new shoes? No. A new mobile? A CD? A car? No, nein, non. Just give me one hour, and I’ll be the happiest man in this town.
It’s probably the proof that very few people work in a job they like.
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