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KOJAK3...remember ok :@
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I love you I :love: you in the morning I :love: you in the evening I :love: you afternoon I :love: you always I :love: your body I :love: your :heart: I :love your Soul I just :love: you
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putting on mask is easy....... :D showing ur sorrow is more easy coz its easy to get sympathy but showing people that u r happy is very difficult :(
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some ppl say the dumbest things i swear. They dont even think before they open their mouths.
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:heart: :heart: :heart:
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where would I be without my Niece
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:-O :poke: :poke: (H)
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Yes the big IT ! lmao :banana:
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u made it true.. ;)
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:-O Lol :D
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I'm jumping on the bandwagon, so Starkillah, this club's for you! :happy:
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Happiness is like a butterfly,the more u chase it,the more it will elude u,but if u turn ur attention to other things,it will come and sit softly on ur shoulder...:mangapunksai:
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