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blitzkid1939: The second (and one which could have resulted in our deaths) crash at which I gave an eye-witness account. (My name and rank are shown mid way through the official report above. This was at RAF Geilenkirchen in Germany in August 1961. It was a Javelin fighter/bomber from a new squadron flying in to take up quarters at Royal Air Force Geilenkirchen. I caught the navigator's protective ejection seat face protector as I followed the trajectory of his ejector seat to the ground. The chute never opened and he was still strapped in and died in front of my eyes with the set smashed up against a tree. Harry (Chris) Tait who who was sat on the aircraft-towing tractor with us had completely forgotten that the three of us on the tractor were all involved until I related the story again in about 2016 and it was then that his memory came alive again. We were all on 3 Squadron in Germany and there were 5 of us left until Paddy (McGynty) Smyth sadly passed away in 2017.Four of us still meet up (covid excepting) once a year after 60 years and we are closer now than we have ever been.
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