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blitzkid1939: My eye-witness account of the Handley Page Hastings 615 which crashed at RAF Colerne on 21st October 1957. I was on tyre-checking duties at the runway's end in the mobile control tower with the fire crews when it did an attempted asymmetric landing on three engines. Jumping into the engine with the fire-crash crew we arrived and I stupidly assumed an airman was trapped. Trying to smash through a perspex window my whole clothing set on fire with the swilling derv fuel and the fire-men put my flames out with foam then water. All I got from our squadron commander Squadron Leader Hitchins was a bollocking and told to pay for a new uniform myself. My formal former name can be seen as the only "eye-witness report". I was not yet quite 18 and made a right pillock of myself. Mind you not so much of a pillock as a guy here from Limerick who reckons he has made Colerne disappear completely from any map. (hahahaha google Colerne to see )
For those who would have an interest in seeing the report on the web site the address is :
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