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Saw all those poems and thought WTH.. lesse if I can do it:

A gentle snicker as I kiss my way up.
An impatient whine as I admire the view,
Casting a heavy breath on your skin.
A timid probe brings forth a squirm
A deep drawn breath as I explore and expand
Suddenly a twitch tells me I’m there
A flick and a shift and it’s right there bare
I feel her tense as I begin the assault
Focus and flick, back and forth, up and down
The crescendo begins, hair pulled, nails dig in
Focus… “Oooooooooh!” focus…
nails tremble as they imbed in my skin… the rush of it all makes me settle in
Suddenly aware of new moisture in my beard , crushed against you from your grip on my hair, some undefined chant suddenly pierces the air…a fleeting clutch with your nails and relaxed