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47 Female from Christchurch       27
I am seeking a local, reliable, dependable, honest, innocent, respectful, heroic, moral, sweet, endearing, passionate, romantic, romantic-spirited, innocently
fun-spirited, free-spirited, appreciative, gratitude-oriented, innocently protective, loving, caring, kind, emotionally supportive, innocently emotional, smart, ambitious, successful, career-accomplished, career-devoted, entrepreneurial, good-work-ethic-like boyfriend who is keen to date/respect me & who has a sound business sense. Must love:
- romance
- fine/romantic dining & events
- eating out at fancy/romantic/fine/exotic restaurants
- fairytales
- fairytale, romantic & royal films/literature/poetry
- historical drama films
- western films
- hip hop dance films
- breakdance films
- hip hop dancing
- breakdancing
- travelling the world
- living life to the fullest
- foreign languages
- speaking Spanish and any foreign languages
- attending music/theatre concerts
- surfing
- period/modern acting
- period/Victorian/Renaissance/Baroque/medieval dancing
- modelling
- film making
- attending Latino/international events
- gourmet/foreign cooking
- global fashions
- attending fashion parades
- iceskating
- yacht sailing

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