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Name: Samantha
Age: 30 Female
Place: Louisiana
Status: Married, Bisexual
Other: Pagan; BBW, All Around Sexy Thang!

I am a strange and odd individual to start off with, however I am a very tolerant person. I am Sapiosexual so I have friends of all walks of life with beliefs of all kinds. I am accepting of people and their choices in life and I expect the same in return.

I am a very fun loving person. I am a music junkie, must have music all the time. I am a metal/gothy type chick. I have like fire engine red streaks in my black hair. Im random at times. I wanna be a rockstar, and ill have the quesadilla thanks. I love to be the center of attention even tho im shy around people I dont know. Im a walking contradiction of myself. I am not webster's fucking dictonary, I am only Michael`s spellcheck. I flirt, alot. I am very sexual and I'm horny 24/7. But I have my master, so dont think your getting any. I pretend to be shy but I love being a model and having my photograph taken

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