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Just to beable to come on in, put your feet on the table yourself and chat freely
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(This club has been deleted)
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where single's come to meet  but you got to join to meet the right someone if you are single and looking this is the place to be....feel free to add me as a friend lonely guy
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for anyone who loves the real sport not football pft
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<P>FaShIoN LoVeRs....FrOm DeSiGNeR BaGs To ViCtOrIa SeCrEt BrAs, If YoU LoVe To LoOk GoOd AnD lOvE tO sPEnD mOnEy, ThIs Is ThE gRoUp FoR yOu!</P>
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football chat
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who loves ireland woooop
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<P>The new artist that's poppin out hear is lil man & joker check the website . How many people love reggaeton holla at me and we could chat about it.</P>
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Welcome For anyone who loves parties and weekends! Thanks!
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help me stop the bullying!!!
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u all know who u r and u r truely great ppl
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spanish speaking buddies
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Da best place in the world!!!!
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Is there anything better?
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Vodka + Lemon = Caipirinha...the famous drink from Brazil!!!
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SpaNiSh iS da BeSt ;)
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if u are a proud pinacle of awesome doesnt matter which level come on in darlings
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U love Nike's brands products......... dunt think only you love it...... ;)
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Carlsberg doesn't make countries. But if they did they would probably make England
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(This club has been deleted)
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For people who know geography, realise Republic of Ireland is not in the UK and are fed up of foreigners saying it is
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Backstreet Boys are kooooooooooooool and if you agree then join
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Club where everyone can joined it where you can talk and meet nice people that love like you the salsa, and all kind of cuban music, Rumba,Guaracha,Guaguaco. If you love this music and the cuban...
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(H) dont be bad be on this chat!!!
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For people who think i'm the POO!!! LOL.
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