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For anyone who loves rock music!!
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Just looking for female friends or male i guess but no romance just friendship.  Talk about life in general. 
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its for people that drink and give love to everybody! welcome!!
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It's our life and we'll do what we want with it
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General website discussion, problems and suggestions. If you are having any problem with the site create a topic here and we will try and resolve it for you. If you find issues with the site...
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they are so blah
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people who r teases
Lifestyle 306 members
If your asian, or love asian culture...join!
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for all those ppl who are in or was or intend to be in love ,ppl who knw how magical this word is and who knws that being in love has totaly transformed them as a person ..hop in all u lovey doveys .
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How much can you cope with? lets hear it................
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only people who cant spell can join this group :) And all my friends to if u want lol :D
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This is for ppl who are sick of all the drama on wireclub and just want to chill out and enjoy talking to mates on this thing i mean afterall it is a chatroom its supposedly for fun but some ppl just...
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well i love gurls with pierceings and tatoos so u have them than show them lol well it is mostly about crazy weomen who love to take risk and do not regreat them
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For all the sexy girls girls only here we talk about the hottest guys on wireclub and the ugliest here it time for the girls to make the boys wonder whats going on in this room FOR SEXY BITCHES(GIRL...
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to those awesome ladies
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There is enough drama in every day life. Wireclub is where many come to escape the drama but find it here anyway. So if you are one of those people that just wants to stay out of the Wireclub...
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tell us who you think is the slexiest on wire :P
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if u are a proud pinacle of awesome doesnt matter which level come on in darlings
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,ø¤º°`°º`*Skittles*` °º¤ø,¸ Taste the rainbow...
Food 56 members well as the club name says...only the true drug lovers can
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hmmm CONFESS... what is YOUR SIN? ;)
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hehe you know it
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Every one that is Italian is welcome here.
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This is for all those times you have heard "oh girl/guy you know i got your back" for all those people who let you confide in them and turned on you. For all those who have screwed you over or done...
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a bunch of awesome , wonderful ppl
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;) Lets unite and sort the NASTIES? x
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For anyone whos a fan of Taylor Swift
Music 39 members
Music 39 members
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Andres, our friendly local Roboto has been banned!! We need to bring him back... Wire's not the same without him :(
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ppl hu hate clowns or r just plain scared of em :|
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if you belive in them join my club..peace NEEK
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im always there for my friends and anyone else that needs to vent
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Stop them cruel f***ers from killing innocent Whales :@
Animals 31 members
:| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|...
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which part of newzealand are you from? ;)
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For all of those people who get off at polotics and have a thesaurus implanted inside their brains. This club is for you. Have fun, you NERDS you...
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What drives you? What makes you tick? Just have fun and share your passions here.
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for the woman who love gilmore girls!
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For those who... Drink and Party, Love and are Naughty
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help me keep bama as mod shes better then every mod on here
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Join 4 True friends .......................
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show your support and encouragement to the young men and women fighting for our freedom!!!!
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looool you epic failed
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welcome to the depths of hell b!tches
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woot woot life is TOTally WORTH IT
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for all thos annoying typo's-haha
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Woop woop! Now wireclub have games and its makes wireclub more awesome!! :happy: :D
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seriously they never aknowledge me they arent friends
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lame lame dramas...leave them for high school we are here to have fun :)
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gkfirfudjnkxndsk;aksodk[gujdiskjidjdhedilewuj :|
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Dis club is for da all cool guys in wire..(H)..all cool ppl are coldly wel come..(H)
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Everyone vote for bama to become the head mod!! we need her!! she will serve us all well!!! love and peece killa
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geez certain ppl drive me to the brink gggrrrrrrrrrrr
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Activities 4 members
Southernbelle would be an awesome Mod...let's show her support and let her know that we are behind her 100%!!!!!
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Pay Your Respect to the Mistress!!
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:( :'( :S :|
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Yess he does!
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talking is fun
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