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Napso_: Here you go
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Vladimir_Poutine: ^^^lol.

tfw you're a douchebag and not very smart, but aggressively want to prove that fact.
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GeraldtheGnome: Now my pet hate on this Site is watching childish/immature, immoral, unethical and irresponsible People that are overly touchy/emotional that they as insecure as they are arrogantly and ignorantly come to the conclusion that they are self entitled to the point that they can put up the private messages of others just because they think that will build up their self esteem and that is right to do so. Well egotistical Prick I have to tell you that it is wrong in every way to put the private messages of others or of one on here just because you want 'revenge' .

Well it backfired, not only did you invade her privacy, since you were going to put on what you privately told you, you also did everything else wrong as well. Now since you were going to put on what she told you without her permission, which is wrong, it is only fair that since she obviously wasn't worried about her private words to you being shown publicly that she beat you and put up what you privately told her. Now since you were okay with yours and her own stuff being shown publicly on here I find it very good that she showed just how rotten you are and beat you at your own game. You are sleazy scum and you are upset because your 'let me put it into your pussy' kind of words were rejected. Rejected for wanting sex ? Tough ! Just remember this song, "It's you and your Hand tonight !"

If she did what you did to her then I would have aimed my words against her instead of you, what gender anyone is means nothing to me. Scum is not gender specific after all.
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askkmee83: thx foreigner. but no.
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