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the star

Come for iam the one that will light your way. I'm always shining as bright as a star in the sky. Im here to bring happiness and joy and peace. You have found a good friend. You have found the right person to be upon. I'm always here if you need a friend. Never will I turn you away or give up on you for I'm a soul who is misunderstood. I don't let anything stop me from shining as bright as I can. I'm here to be your star your love your angel. I will be there when you call my name or when you are in need of a good person. I love you all and may God bless you.


I'm the angel of love and light. If you are burried by darkness let me help you see the light. You are hurt I can see it in your eyes. Come to me and I will do my best to be your friend that you never had. Let me love you and you will see that you are more to me than anyone else can be. I'm the one that will never give up on you for I am always here. Just call my name and I will be upon you. You are an angel and I will be the best thing you have found.


My world is filled with music and laughter. My world got blind sided by you. For you are my new world. I know you don't love me or you say you can learn to love me. But I love you and yet you push me away open your arms and let me show you. The sea is taking me too you and I promise that I will never let go. You are the one thing that has shaken my world up. For that is why I love you so much and will always be there when you need me.


When I'm gone I pray that people will rember me for the true person that iam. I'm fading fast and all I need to hear is him say he would be with me everyday and that I make him happy. Will that chance ever come?? Feel like splitting my wrist open to make you see that I have always loved you. I'm praying that you will come and say you love me and you want me to be your one and only love.

out cast

I guess when you have mental health problems you get treated differently. Well I have a learning disability and I have ocd and ADHD and PTSD and yet my mom says things like retard and stupid and it hurts my feelings. If I try to put make up on I don't get told I look nice no. When I get mad and yell she tells me not to talk to her like that. Sometimes I feel like I deserve better but I don't know how to get it. Is it wrong for me to feel this way. I'm smart and I know lots of interesting facts and yet I'm stupid for knowing information that no one cares about. WELL I care about it and I'm so sorry I'm not like everyone else. But i m learning how to love myself and be a good mom for my kids. But I'm the only one who gets told no and I'm the last to know anything about my family members I'm the outkast. I love you all

wondering souls

What are we. We are missunderstood unloving. Uncaring but why do you ask. Love is all we need. And you need to forget about the haters. You are worth a danm and you can make anything you want. We are all beautiful and we need to know that. Looks fade. We need to understand ourselfs before we can love someone else. So rember you are worth something. Love and peace y'all and may God bless you

who knows

We look only for beauty on the outside. What happend to it's whats on the inside that counts?? I guess we just are humans Look with your heart not your eyes. Open your mind to love. I love you all keep smiling and laughing.

un feeling

Unfeeling. I have emotions but they are hiding away. I don't know what to do. I feel like crying. But I don't shed a tear so I guess I'm not human. What does that make me. I care and love everyone around me and yet. I have a very hurting pain. So I guess this is what it feels like when your in love.