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Flat line on a live line,
youth of the nation is the dead line,
Death line is on a life line,
Devil on the shoulder telling you to sin once again with your life and now your will commit to the murder of homicide amongst genocide of creativity now,
Woah where we gonna go when the youth of the nation corrupts itself,

Arius Zachary Physical Bio.

Name: Aius Zachary,
Race: Unknown
Skin: Caucasian
Eye color: Variations of Green and orange.
Hair color: It varies in a selection of golden to a mix of Auburn and dirty blonde
Weight:186 lbs

Arius has many tattoos over his chest and mid section, A pair of giantly set golden furred ears, and a tail that is over 4 feet long with the ability to grow longer if needed.
He wears many piercings in his ears and lips but only if he feels like it, he is usually seen without them though. Body build is muscularly fit, but slim.

Arius is Ageless, so how old he is spans past an eternity. (in Arius's universe erternity is mearly a measure of time. Like a cycle, there have been 7 so far. Arius being apart of all 7, he appeared in the middle of the first maybe the end.)

redemption of a beast

I hear a second voice behind that toung that wont come out,
You say things with your mouth that will leave me here some how,
In the day of the past where happiness might actually last, cause mother i miss you, and i need you but then again i dont need you like you didnt need me.
Sorry brother im weaker then you wish I could be but i wont give in no nope never truely will I be so weak!
Your creation wont go away to death, mother dont fear when you cant hear my voice.
Ive decided and made my choice but hey this is up to me not you its up to your boys.
Mother i still love you for your deeds, brother i still respected you after i watched you leave, Father i still needed you after you protected me.
But no matter how hard you all tried to save us,
Im a monstrocity,
Sorry cant change no nope,
will only ever be me.

welp no help

I know non of you could give any less of shit about me, about what I write, or what I have to say... So I question why do I stay?
The ones I love? They would be better off,
The ones I hate? They would see me off,
I just wish I knew who, and where to go to...


Drip drop, the waters of our world will run away.
Tick tock, the seconds of our lived will drain by day.
These are truths that our race fears,
our race? The human race.
Man kind is going places,
but will they enjoy the destinations?

Saw my way outta the dark, got some flash light vision with a spark.

I will curl up and die tonight,
I will do nothing but watch,
As this world goes by.
Yeah right man that's what I would say,
If, if we are all the people we claim.
Life coming to death for this love of game.
Your soul know both good and evil,
When it comes to the two and growth,
I guess Im nothing,
But both.

another reason.

You want another reason why?
Well here...

Another reason why,
You and I will never be alone for together,
I can't maintain myself on life's grand stage,
I ask myself, if I struggle from day to day how will I survive the next decade?
But don't worry I will, I'm the product of life and death,
By which I was made, the truth,
You know the rest.

The skies I used to rule, compared to now.

Formation of the skies is a very hard task... To tame a wild wind that once was able to blow across all of eternity, woah what a task. That is why I took upon the oath of the skies all those eternities ago... When it was once a truely endless sky.

Simply philosophy.

Philosophy is imagination.
Imagination is creativity,
Creativity is creation,
Creation is expansion,
This repeats a cycle of complex,

Ever more

Was I ever more then I am now?
Will I ever be?
These are not doubts I have,
But rather questions I'm asked.
This month of March,
Will be the first month of my March,
My march to the plains,
Though with these revelations.
I ask,
Will I ever be,
Ever more?