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Production of material that which we should not conserve.
Wasteful wishing wasted upon the hopes of that will not reserve.
This is the sin of humanity that started once,
Twist of fate that leaves us in revelation,
Realization of real life sensations that we said,
Why should we be naked?
We can think of knowledge,
But why not take it?
Holding it as humanities hostage.


Mother do you remember when I was young?
When it was our family from a string that hung?
Every hit I ever took the smoke into my lung?
I bet you do but I don't,
I was too young but you didn't care,
I bet you do but I won't,
I was your son but you left scared,
I bet you do but Ive no hope,
I grew up and it's war I declared,
I bet you won't care when I swing from the rope.

The executioner of thunder.

The day was calm as Arius would fly through the sky, colliding into tree after tree. Shattering through them back first, as he was then caught by the foot and tossed up before being tossed right back down into the ground. Cratering the forest for a mile. A young man floating above the crater, his hair was a dark purple, his eyes a furious glowing red. He seemed to be about 5"9 with darker skin.
"now you didn't go an die already have you Arius? It won't matter any ways... Nebula force."
His body glowed as the boy spun and spiraled into the ground as he was striking Arius in flurries of punches from this.

"Don't be so hasty boy." Arius spoke while catching the boys fist, crushing it in his hand as his aura rose around the two. "you have done well... Be proud as a warrior.."
Arius has gashes and torn muscles all over his body, his left lung barely opened still as his right lung was collapsed.

"impossible.." the boy spoke as he kicked off of Arius, "by the land of the rising sun, you shall fade with the night" the boy said as he was in the air.
"I am the bringer of execution!" The boy raised his sword from his sheathe. The sword was a long beveled blade that burst to flame lightning. Then a bolt of thunder would strike the boy as his power shot out all around him, arius barely able to take a stand against the pressure in his current body form. "By the name of the thunder lords, I, Jackson barley, will strike you down.. Now great bolt of the thundering skies!" pointing his sword at Arius, Jackson shot out a bolt of lightning that was swirling with flames trying to follow it.

"what I've taken I shall now release" Arius would grin as every single bit of damage he took would begin to explode out with a swirling wall of energy. His body healed but not fully as his stamina was not replenished. The energy all focused into a ball at the collision point of the lightning.
"full discharge..." Arius braced himself as the energy forced itself through the lightning, dragging it with the energy before the force was all released at once. The shock wave would explode out taking the two men into it and leaving a crater in this planet for 10 miles in all directions. The lightning shot in two directions past both men by mere feet digging a trench for 12 miles in both directions.

When the dust settled, Arius stood there where he had before. His eyes glowed so furiously with domination, searching for signs of the boy. Then he saw that Jackson had made a wall of energy just dense enough not to let him be killed and torn apart.
"wh-what the hell..." Jackson spoke as his red eyes would have a different sensation then furry now. Arius approached the boy, looking him in the eyes. "there is no way.. Why didn't the great bolt kill you!?---" Arius kicked him in the jaw, forcing him to his knees before speaking in a dominating tone that felt like solid stone impacting you as his glare met Jackson's.
"Because even execution is an act of kings... And without one, an executioner is nothing but a murderer." Arius offered a hand to Jackson, but not victory.
"I've lost..." Jackson thought to himself, knowing Arius was still hiding so much more.
"you may have lost the battle.. But I don't think you will loose yourself to war. So I offer you this once more... Come with me.. As my friend, and my executioner." Arius spoke softly but firmly still. Jackson took his hands and lowered his head, his eyes would close as he knew this was true. "I- I concede.."

Haunted and taunted.

Black has turned into the usual like the black gown at the back of a funeral,
running through the seventh like its my hell in a heaven,
safe haven been here before with me like suicide on my side once again,
walking through the depth of hell as my head will swell,
winds of change blow through every sail and into every cell.

Dumb founded well rounded out of this round of hated once again,
Burn my bridges as id rather walk through the ditches cause i hate this shit,
Burn the light away that will be the end thats it when i hated it,

Catch a stitch here as i catch that bitch of a pistol whip,
im a poet who grew up in death of the hoodlem life,
but hey not all of us are of the hood rat type,
fuck it lets speak up off another blunt here in the street for one more nightly hunt.

We get high to reach the goals we wanted cause were still being haunted...

Lime light.

Blind into the night,
Blind into the life,
Lime light will burn away,
What we have today.

monster within man.

Demonicly cold we sit together we die thats our curse.
Help but nothing can that our truth of the purge.
Hope drains away before the eyes of man kinds hate,
To which a monster within man is all we can relate.

The hatred of man

The inner flame that chars our heart,
The desire for us to leave a mark,
The hatred of man that is held so,
So, so, stupidly. Ignorantly,
We take so much from the mother,
The mother earth we should love,
But no we hate and steal from her,
Cause mankind's hatred just says,
It could burn it down any ways.

The debate at hand.

You think we're playing a game?
This a fight for your pride and fame,
You still want to play a game of hate,
Monsters amongst men who want to rule are at war and our lives is the major debate.

Blind war.

You say you fear to speak me, Well it ain't my fault that fear a monstrosity, You think you can be a preacher and spout, I won't all to all the lies and BS that your speaking about, I was hated because of you lied about, I never took any one's kindness, I only fought the lies and the light, To escape but fall to my blindness...

laugh little one

HAHAHAHAHA laughter will rise in the demise of the anti Christ, Immortality will exist to exterminate an immortal subsist. Wanna die lil boy? Wanna cry lil girl? Bitch through away the past and hurl up tomorrow, Run away from the sorrow in my bone marrow though it's a thick ocean through which I swim.