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4 lines of failure

An implicit demand of proof,
One of which I cannot shake,
Mind swelling and hatred dwelling,
Maybe this is why im always failing?

Silent dancer

I let you down I swear I did,
Im always so alone,
even when surrounded by the people I know care,
What do I do when I feel this?
What shall I do when I dissapoint them,
Victim of this generation,
cycle of the system cannot erase this,
getting harder to


Pain persist you evil bitch,
Looking in the mirror I realize,
Im faceless,
Im nameless,
Identity taken,

I try to stay stable, with all that I do.

Going to the sway, what else is their to live for??

"Its ok im sure your life has a purpose dont give up im sure somebody needs you to see"
The last thing I heard before the gun shot that took her from me,
Silence settles and now I cant see.
Cant hear and now I,
now I sease to breatheee~~~