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The hatred of man

The inner flame that chars our heart,
The desire for us to leave a mark,
The hatred of man that is held so,
So, so, stupidly. Ignorantly,
We take so much from the mother,
The mother earth we should love,
But no we hate and steal from her,
Cause mankind's hatred just says,
It could burn it down any ways.

The debate at hand.

You think we're playing a game?
This a fight for your pride and fame,
You still want to play a game of hate,
Monsters amongst men who want to rule are at war and our lives is the major debate.

Blind war.

You say you fear to speak me, Well it ain't my fault that fear a monstrosity, You think you can be a preacher and spout, I won't all to all the lies and BS that your speaking about, I was hated because of you lied about, I never took any one's kindness, I only fought the lies and the light, To escape but fall to my blindness...