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Arius Partial bio blog #1 of 100

Arius can use almost all elemental magic and many for magics,as well as he uses his own soul and ki to make up for what his magic lacks if he ever finds himself without it. but his most commonly used tactic is to avoid magic all together and just cast with ki and his soul. He most commonly uses Heat fluncuation, Force impact, and wind. But is most Skilled in his wind abilities and energy powers.


So every one has heard of the golden cloud of nimbus. But where did nimbus originate from?

There is actually a power of the sky called matter wind. It allows you to control the wind in many unique ways.

The first way that this power was founded was by making a cloud that could heal and assist you with the intelligence of an ally while linking with your thoughts.

Basically its a cloud that has extreme AI and turns the shade of your soul or existence, thus allowing it to heal battle damage.

Doped up hope.

Was I alive once?
No I couldn't be,
But now imagery turns to catastrophe-
Fuck luck all I need is me..

For now I hate myself to get better then I know you can.

I will die and make you go along side me.
Chances are 50/50 for us now,
So we must decide.
I wont die yet to a doped hope suicide,
Get ready for the ride...


Kyrus is the form that is taken when the souls of Arius and his now passed brother Kyro are binded and fused.

With Kyro's powers still being apocalyptic when this was made, Kyrus has access to use Kyro's hellish powers and apocalyptic form.
As well as being able to use Arius's eyes and claws, This basic fusion of our powers is still one of the most lethal beings to ever exist.

Even being a base form for many other fusions, Kyrus is still worth posting.


Flames can scorch a land of lavish green,
Flames can burst buckle and gleam,
The source of which a flame can subsist,
Is life which burns on ever more endless.

nothing new to me.

Mother do you remember when we used to love one another?
Whyd you leave?
was it you him or us?
You knew id get your addiction,
Why why throw us under the BUS!
I hated you for so damn long but i couldnt under stand it!
But even now i ask myself who you are,
Will you be my mother?
Just know it was us, me and my brother looking out for one another from over 400 miles apart most of the time.
So watch your young sons arise,
cause it didnt pass away a single day when you wernt in my brain,
I can only take it with my new found patience!
So as a new breed, watch mother as i rise.
A young king, your young king,
But even then,
you wouldnt want me,
But who cares, since really,
thats nothing new to me.


I can still remember you, well not every detail...
You taught me roses are red blue or what ever you want them to,
Little did i know, color drained away and turned pail...
Then BRIGHT, oh no the bright pitch black night.
The first of your kind...
I hurt you i know,
Well roses are red as they burn in our passion,
Then they turn blue as our betrayl and disloyalty would happen.
But its ok you only knew what would happen you never ran,
But it was me who knew only a better man can!
I still tried, but all the more,
You continued your cries,
Rose cant you see I cant take this any more,
That now Im dying deep within my core...
Rose i dont know if i can miss your pedals any more...
I just cant change myself,
so i guess now im my own help.