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4 lines of failure

An implicit demand of proof,
One of which I cannot shake,
Mind swelling and hatred dwelling,
Maybe this is why im always failing?

Silent dancer

I let you down I swear I did,
Im always so alone,
even when surrounded by the people I know care,
What do I do when I feel this?
What shall I do when I dissapoint them,
Victim of this generation,
cycle of the system cannot erase this,
getting harder to


Pain persist you evil bitch,
Looking in the mirror I realize,
Im faceless,
Im nameless,
Identity taken,

I try to stay stable, with all that I do.

Going to the sway, what else is their to live for??

"Its ok im sure your life has a purpose dont give up im sure somebody needs you to see"
The last thing I heard before the gun shot that took her from me,
Silence settles and now I cant see.
Cant hear and now I,
now I sease to breatheee~~~

No where no way

We all know some one who knows some one whos doing great,
I know some one who knows another whos flying straight,
But I know theres some one at the door who calls for help,
They call for help I know but I want to say goodbye?

This room is far too dark for me to come back around,
Revolution is not far away,
Darkness comes our way for another day,
Pitch black as this leads to no where,

I know some one who knows some one else who just cant care,
So I guess im here in the middle of no where.


Nothing left in this world of shade,
Nothing left for the world of hate,
Humanity is nothing without the infection,
Humanity has nothing but is blind confessions.

Hope was out on this lands of war,
Hope was ripped from out of our core.

Without any withdrawl, Haminty will fall...

Nothing and nowhere left...
Nowhere and nothing to which to lay my head.

It's been a while...

It's a new day to us, forged with lustful bliss,
This is the way it supposed to be,
Why go against the system, the routine?

So everything is bliss?... No Fuck this.
Nothing is bliss, it's been a while,
I'm rusty on some flow and style
But I swear I'm getting tired,

Tired of this sadistic shit,
Tired of this people driving me to insanity shit,
Tired of this methodical shit,
Tired of driving my self to shambles type shit.

I'm tired and it's been a while... That's it.

Dream blog #1

I've recently started to have these weird dreams... They start out pretty simple, then they almost... Decay..

Dreams of violence and blood she'd, being within bodies that are not my own. These dreams... They teach me so much... Only if you all could see what I have been shown.

clear way.

Every one clear the way,

another body gonna drop today,
bustin out with mah homies,
Keeping demons of the streets at bay with a chrome piece,
Capping on this lil nigga,
clutching on that trigger like im a cole miner,

snort another line, cause my momma know I get high,
real shit im cold blooded, and its for the top that im gunnin,

See me coming and the rest of em be running,

me and the homies out for another hunt, bouta roll up another blunt,
You ask me why, cause we give no fucks!

Arius silence

All my life I dreamed of silence, more exactly because of my life consisting of drugs violence loss and was just boomingly loud...

All I dreamed for was perfect silence.... Now that perfect silence... Taunts and destroys me mentally... This silence is my own self Destruction...

Little whisper in the wind.

Little whisper in the wind, do you come to me once again, Little whisper in the wind, do you come to take my sin, little whisper in the wind, I hear your song once again. Little whisper in the wind, guide me through my mind, little whisper in the wind, take my pain if youd be so kind...

Little whisper in the wind, do you come back to me again,
Little whisper in the wind, do you come back to take my sin,
Little whisper in the wind, Where has my smile gone,

little whisper in the wind, why did it take you so long...
As we sit under the stars, to see who we are,
The whisper of the night, whispering just out of sight...
You told me and took me from the pain of that fight...

Little whisper in the wind, will you take me from this sight?

Addicts relapse

Staring at the druggies and the addicts,
Staring at my homies snorting a line, Me the homies getting back at it,

Aye the money makes me feel less lonely,
Cause you know I ain't got no homies,
My own brother wanna bust my domepiece,

Sit back relapse then take another hit,
Sit back get high lung collapse another bit,
Sit back for blast off to get lit,

Cause I can't understand myself, Cause I can't seem to find no help, Cause I can't seem to get no wealth.
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