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I am having some events in my life that are changing me as a person. For the second time in my life, I am watching a very close person to me slowly fade away and leave us. This time is even worse than when my mother passed. I am battling with some terrible depression that I have never experienced before. I have never had someone look me in the eyes and tell me that I have failed them. My heart is broken.
I am going to leave Wire for a bit to focus on getting past this mess and hopefully restoring my faith in life. I want to thank all my wire friends for their friendship over the last two years. Some I talk to every day, and they are important to me. I hope you have a wonderful next few weeks and try to enjoy your holidays. Say Hi to Santa for me. Maybe I will be able to talk to you again after the holidays. If God exist, may he bless you all.


Was worried about this weekend camping but had a good time. Someone had an extra tent, so didn’t get too wet Saturday. Did my part and cooked the ribs on a pellet grill someone brought. Not used to the grill or the number of racks I was cool ooking so they ended up a bit overdone but edible.over all everyone was very nice and no one died. Didn’t get to kayak, but did get to ride a bit


Well, it seems like I just couldnt let it go. Those who know me probably arent surprised. I text him and told him I though I deserved to know what happened. He said he thought he was going on a date with a cute girl with mud in her hair, not a high maintenance hollywood wannabe

so I guess thats why

What is happening

I dont usually write in here, but I am going to try so that maybe someone can clue me in, on what is going on, or what I am doing wrong. I am very confused and more than a bit discouraged.

Sunday, the contractor I hired to fix my driveway damaged my power line, and internet line, and my neighbors telephone line. I had to call an beg the utilitiy companies to come some time before next month. One of the companies, I wont say which, sent a guy who seemed to be really nice sunday evening. He said he was going to see what he could do to get my service completely restored ASAP. He spent about three hours with me making telephone calls and talking to people. (It was sunday evening). I really enjoyed my conversations with him. He was friendly, smart, and kinda cute. He is the first man I have really been attracted to since covid came around. Before he left, he ended up asking me for a date. I was covered in mud, had my hair in a pony tail, and no makeup on, so I was totally surprised, but pleased.It had been a long time since I enjoyed a mans company like that. We planned a date for Tuesday night.
Tuesday they do fix my electric and all that is good. I spent a long time trying to clean myself up. I had not really got dressed up in over a year. I dont think I have worn makeup in a year. and of course, I had to change clothes a dozen times. I finally looked ok, and thought I was ready for our date. When he arrived and came to the door, I could see he was smiling. I liked it. When I opened the door, he looked at me and got a strange look on his face. Kinda like bewilderment or confusion, then I swear to God, he started frowning. I was like, whats wrong, he said "Nuthin". We got in the car, and headed to the restaurant. He didnt say a work the entire drive. Now mind you, this is the same guy who talked to me non stop about everything..... now nothing....
We went to dinner and basically ate in silence. He wasnt talking, and now I was so anxious and freaked out, I was about to have a panic attack. After dinner, he took me home and basically dropped me off. While he did walk me to the door, there was no attempt to kiss me, or even look at me really.

I am at a total loss. What did I do wrong. I went inside and looked in the mirror for a third eye in the middle of my forehead. but nothing. I am not perfect by any means, but I'm not butt ugly. I cant understand what happened. He almost acted like I had done something very wrong. What was it, someone help me
I am thinking maybe I need to become a lesbian

I have electric

Wonderful crew worked during the night and moved and spliced my underground electric, I have electric again. Thanks to the guys.


Everything that could go wrong did. Need underground power moved. Maybe this week. I did get a date out of it though. Lol


I havent been on here in a long time. I have been busy helping a friend in need. Working through priorities.
Thank you everyone who asked about me.

So Mad

Its raining all over my newly stained porch that I worked on almost non stop all weekend.