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I don’t even know where to start. When NotMelanie came into my room yesterday, I was shocked then it got emotional. I contacted Michael and showed him the account and he deleted it immediately. All that happened within 15 maybe 20 minutes. Yet this NotMelanie knew exactly who to go to. The last line in the about section of NotMelanie said to search Scout Weinman for the truth, so I did. The first page I opened was Scout’s Instagram, which was a collage of a lot of girls, including what I still thought was Melanie. Scout is a hairdresser, we have all seen hairdresser’s collages. I so deeply believed that Melanie was real that I rushed to a bad judgement, wrote a blog about how Scout was Melanie’s hairdresser and that I was being trolled. As it turned out NotMelanie was a troll, from wire, but many things that the troll said in the about section was true. NotMelanie was not Scout herself. That’s impossible without knowing everything that happened which I am spelling out below.

I had just opened Echat when I met MelanieMD300 from Little Rock, AK. She had been chatting on wire a lot longer than I been there, and knew a lot of girls. She and I hit it off right away, but I spent more time with building my room than I did with Melanie. Melanie was persistent though and chased me hard, every day. And then I met Mollymo269 and Joat06 (Molly and Joanna, or as a couple, MoJo). They told me that they were also from Little Rock and were friends with Melanie. To me that gave Melanie more credibility of being real, so I started to take her more serious. Eventually, we exchanged numbers and we spoke on the phone a lot. We even videoed thru hangouts a few times, although the widow was small and her background was dark, I never questioned it as it was the same voice. She pressed all my buttons just right, and seemed to be everything I ever wanted in a woman, so we scheduled a time for me to go to Little Rock to spend 3 weeks with her during at summer. Two weeks before that meeting was to happen, Melanie went to visit her grandparents, who I was told raised her. We even talked on the phone that Friday night before she went to bed. She told me that she was going to be busy the next couple days with them, but would message me. She never did. Molly and Joanna were messaging me on Sunday asking me if I had heard from Melanie and I told them no. They seemed to be worried, so I began to worry too. I called her, but got no answer, Molly said she was calling too.

On that following Monday Joanna messaged me, telling me that she had some horrible news. I was told that Molly had been calling all morning and finally Melanie Grandpa answered her phone. He told Molly that Melanie was found dead in her bed by Grandma early Saturday Morning, with just a small trickle of dried blood in her left nostril. Melanie had been complaining to me of headaches for weeks before then, so when I was told that it was a massive brain aneurysm, I bought it, hook line and sinker. Naturally I was heartbroken, I cried for weeks, I contemplated leaving wire, but Molly, Joanna and Lauren talked me into staying. I still cried for Melanie until very recently.

The day that I was told by Joanna that Melanie died, she told me that Molly was driving to Melanie’s grandparents and that she had Melanie’s house key and was going to her house to collect some of Melanie’s personal effects. A couple hours later, I got a message from Joanna that she was at Melanie’s house and found a letter sealed with AMPS on it. She asked me if I wanted her to mail it, or to open it and take a picture. I wanted to know what the letter said, so naturally I asked her to open it. She did, and that letter is attached here to, along with the chat message. I was led to believe that Melanie wanted to give me that letter when picking me up from the train station in two weeks. Who wouldn’t believe that? I did with all of my broken heart. She also sent me pictures of Melanie’s desk calendar, four months, from May to August, when I was to return to classes. Those made me cry even even more.

Months since that day went by, Amberleigh came into the picture, telling me that she knew Melanie from work and that Melanie talked about me nonstop, so she wanted to meet me. Amber knew Molly and Joanna as well, and I was sent many pictures of them all together. Attached is one of them. Molly and Joanna ended up splitting up, Marilyn came into the picture, now as Molly’s girlfriend. And thats where we are today.

Late last night, I decided to research Scout Weinman again, this time more thoroughly. I got her Facebook and fund every picture of Melanie that was ever sent to me, except for one, an older picture of Molly and Melanie from college. I attached that picture. I cannot even tell you how I felt. I even watched a couple of her videos, a voice that was not Melanie’s. My mind started racing, how can this be? After everything I went thru with Melanie, how can she not be real? I felt horrible, cried myself to sleep. I woke up ready to confront Molly, came in and immediately took down my blog from yesterday. Molly was in the room and I tried to reach her in pm’s. She told me that she had to go and would be back later. I was going to wait it out until Becca blew it all up in the feed. So I emailed both Joanna, Molly and I got ahold of Amber in hangouts. I attached all of those messages.

In closing, I don’t know what to say. Nobody feels worse about this than I do, except for maybe Scout herself. I plan to reach out to her as well and apologize for anything she went through, but I assure you, I was sent all of those pictures and knew nothing about Scout until yesterday. I have already heard the rumors that I was Melanie, I am Molly too. Fuck, I cant even keep up with my own messages without having multiple accounts. Feel free to contact Michael of Wire. He can tell if my IP address matches any of theirs. I plan to myself to see if Melanie’s account, which is still active, matches Molly’s. If so, both will be deleted by wire. I am sick to my stomach over all of this. I never thought that I ever could be catfished so fucking bad. For those that know me and believe me, thank you for your support. For those that don’t, that’s your choice also. I have nothing to apologize for other than to myself and to Scout for being so damn gullible. Thank you for reading this.

The Little Rock Trolls – MelanieMD300 / Joat06 / Mollymo269 / Amberleigh2369 / MARILYN9. I met Melanie first right after I opened Chatroom Echat Lesbian Love in mid-March. Most of you know about Melanie was a catfish, so I won’t go into detail from there. Then I met Mollymo269 (Molly) and Joat06 (Joanna), who claimed to be a couple living together for 7 years, since they were both 14. They both also claimed to be Melanie’s good friends in real life. Melanie and I became really close and were within a couple weeks of meeting in real life when they staged her death. You can read more about that in my blog. About a month after the staged death, Amberleigh2369 came to wire, claiming that she was a doctor that worked with Melanie and was also friends with Joanna and Molly. A month or so ago, Joanna and Molly broke up, and that’s when MARILYN9 (Marilyn) showed up as Molly’s new girlfriend. I guess 7 years don’t mean too much to Molly. Funny thing is Marilyn did not create a new account, she took over Joanna’s account, changing the name from Joat06 to MARILYN9. Molly claimed Joanna was finished with Wire anyway, so she gave Marilyn her password. Would anyone really do that? I guess that it’s better than killing Joanna off. Anyway, all five of them are from Little Rock and I blocked the three of them left, Molly, Amber and Marilyn, for obvious reasons.

Are Melanie, Joanna, Molly, Amber and Marilyn all the same person? I really don’t know. I do know that Melanie was fake and Joanna admits to have been Melanie. The other three Molly, Amber and Marilyn all claim that it was Joanna’s idea and that she was such a bitch for making them play along with it all. Although Molly and Marilyn both claimed they were leaving wire, both took down all their pictures and deleted all their friends, Marilyn was very apologetic to me before they were supposed to leave wire, telling me that Joanna was behind it all. If anyone wants to see the screenshots of any of this, please message me.


How would any of you feel if a friend of yours came to you and said you had to un-friend another friend of yours, or she would un-friend you? Would any friend force you to make a choice between friends? Well there is a host in the new room that is doing that very thing to me with our mutual friends, and she is doing it with the full support of that room owner. It’s a shame that this person, who is almost 40 years old is acting like a grade school girl. For those of you that she did that to, no matter what choice you made, I am so very sorry that she put you in that position. I keep my friendships here because I like them as friends, not because of who they are friends with or what lesbian room they go to. Grow Up!

I missed your birthday ..... sniffles

Without naming names, I would like to take some time to describe a couple events that happened last week. Since I started coming to Wire Club, I have met some interesting girls, some of which are just nice sweet girls, maybe alittle naughty and then there was “her”, the total package. She is beautiful, funny, easy to talk to, and her and I clicked together right away, we would talk for hours sometimes. I also met a lot of her friends and eventually was made a host in their room.
The Monday after we started locking ourselves up in our real life homes, I came in early that day and no one regular was around nor was the room opened so I opened it and started to invite friends to join me. Within an hour I had twenty girls there, most of who were speaking in the main, and that’s about the time that the rooms owner came in, and she was not in a good mood, ranting and raving about President Trump being crooked narcissist and anyone who voted for Trump has to be stupid, and that’s when I reminder her that he got 63 – plus million votes and is the duly elected president. She responded with Hillary won, yes I know I said, I read her book. Did you vote for Trump, she asked, Yes I did, and he has my 2020 vote too, and she flipped out calling me every name in the book, then said I was too stupid to talk politics in her room, her room, her rules, if I didn’t like it I could get the fuck out, so I removed myself as host and before I could even leave, she banned me. Wow! Btw, I barely spoke, never initiated and never once did I call her a name, other than “liberal”. Oh well. She didn’t have o ban e, as when I removed myself as host, I was leaving after never to return. Her banning me was purely egotistical on her part. By the time it got back to my special girl, of course I was the “trouble maker”. If voting for Trump makes me a trouble maker, then your honor, I am guilty as charged!
I wish this was then end of the story, but its not, as last Monday, my special girl became my special birthday girl, and of course, not only was I not invited, it was planned o ut to make sure I didn’t know and when she asked her friends why they told her that I was too political. I cried when I heard that and haven’t been back to wire club since. I wasn’t crying about me not being invited, I was crying because they had such control over her, that a choice wasn’t given to her about me being there for her on her birthday, oh, btw, my special girl is not political at all, and is from the UK? How far will Trump Haters go to continue dividing us all? I am sorry my special birthday girl……..bye!

your blue haired girl

When you are wrong, you're wrong!

I wrote a blog about three weeks ago regarding Coronavirus being exploited by the democrats for political reasons, comparing it to the swine flu virus of 2009. Although I wouldn’t put anything past the democrats after seeing their acts over the past three years, I was dead wrong about Covid-19. After speaking to a friend, or who I hope is a friend, I did some research and fact checking on the things she told me about the virus and then deleted the blog. But for those of you that read it and agreed, you are wrong also. Without going into a lot of details, 215,215 cases in the United States and 5,110 deaths so far with projections in the 100,000 range. Let’s all say a prayer for all of the family’s affected. Thank you, as for myself, I am not shy of admitting my own mistakes and therefore I apologize to anyone who read my blog and was offended.
On a lighter note, I want to take the time to thank all of our doctors, and especially to our nurses. Our nurses who take pride in their profession spends the most important time, not accurately recording vitals, they get to know their patients and families thereof, their lives as part of their communities. That’s truly where the healing begins, from the heart of a nurse to that of her patient. Thank you.

PS: Waves at a few nurses I know from

E-Chat and WireClub

I have rubbed some girls here, especially room owners, the wrong way, when I first came here. Although I could have been more subtle, I had good reasons for doing so. My intentions at that time was to finish what I started and then go back to E-chat. Coupled with the threat of E-chat closing and some of the relationships developing with wire girls, I decided to stay and opened our room. Lynn (Lynn Samantha) and I have been friends for over a year. Missy (missyrox) is awesome and has been a huge help. Staci (surfpunkprincess) is a breath of fresh air and a friend now. Thank you all for taking me in. Wiggles is the only room that I still remain banned. Wireclub is full of wonderful girls, as such I encouraged my friends from E-chat to wander to other rooms to visit and will continue to do so. Our door is always open to you all and one day, I hope that all the rooms here inside our lesbian community opens their doors to all as well. Life is too short to seclude ourselves from others due to personal animosities. Let’s all have a fun 2020. Love and kisses, **Anna1996**!

Open Mindedness

I have always been my own person, made my own decisions and did things my own way. Right or wrong, it was my own way. I pick and choose my friends in the same manner, not from what others may think of this person, but in an “Open Mindedness” manner.
My first couple nights chatting here, I spent time chatting with a wonderful and funny woman and liked her very much. She liked me as well. Last night was the first time I had seen her since. When she walked into the room I was chatting at, I immediately smiled and gave her an enthusiastic hello. She never responded to me, only gave a horribly false statement about me to the room and left. Based on the statement she made, it was obvious where u came from.
That was actually the 2nd time I was attacked last night, both of which came from another person’s opinion about me. Most of you know there is one “person” here that I extremely dislike and I have very good reason to. I am not going into all that here, but what I would like to express here is that all of you keep an open mind about me, my principles and my desires to always be a strong advocate for women. I am easy to talk to, if there are questions in your mind, ask me. I will do my best to answer them. That is all I ask. Open Mindedness!