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Slowly, she slipped from her berth,
His hand was there to guide.
His eye on the horizon,
Her tiller by his side.

He remembered when he saw her first
From past masters she'd been scarred.
Her sails were torn and tattered,
Her finish had been marred.

But, he saw only beauty,
Her scars could be repaired.
With tender loving hands he worked,
Though slow, they weren't impaired.

She remembered other captains,
How they failed her sails to trim.
No, this was not her maiden voyage,
but, it was her first with him.

He guided her through waters deep,
Warm currents on the way.
The voyage end was no where near,
Though far now from the bay.

Neither in a hurry,
though they knew the moves they'd make,
As he looked back across her stern,
He barely saw a wake.

He teased her through the waters swell,
Spray on her mizzen deck
That glistened in the moonlight
As they continued on their trek.

Her sails, like sun dried sheets,
were filled
With an aromatic breeze.
He felt her lightly tremble,
As his hand, her tiller squeezed.

She heels to port, her rail is wet
As the breeze began to gust.
Amidst the ever growing waves,
Her bow has now been thrust.

Plowing on through billowed waves
in the dark and misty brine,
The lapping breakers stroked her,
Well below the water line.

Her keel plunged down to meet the trough
Then up to meet the crest.
The undulating swells again,
Against her hull were pressed.

Responding to his every move,
In the night she brightly shone
As the wind blew through her rigging,
He heard her softly moan.

Wave after wave, she rose and fell,
She shuddered stem to stern,
As the fog rolled in around her
In the seething oceans churn.

With lights now in the distance,
The waves would soon subside.
She knew he'd take her back to port
With the coming of the tide.

He nestled her in waters clear,
Anchored just outside the bay.
He knew that they would sail again
But, that's another day.

Exhausted from the voyage,
Through the ocean dark and deep,
Laid his hand upon her tiller
And the surf rocked them to sleep.
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laydeluck: Wow! Absolutely beautiful and you walked that thin line most cleverly. Good job!
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angpd in reply to laydeluck: Thank you so much. Just posted a new poem on the poetry forum.
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I know I've seen you somewhere
but just can't quite place where
In some mystic place I've seen you
moonbeams shimmered in your hair

Have I seen you in a rainbow
in the early morning mist
or in a glistening drop of dew
a ray of sunlight kissed

Was it in a flash of lightning
that brought fire to your eyes
or in the morning splendor
as the sun began to rise

No, it was in some darkened place
that you somehow brought light
Illuminated magic
Your eyes with sparks ignite

sweet feelings deep within me
My heart with laughter teems
I know now where I've seen you
...In the shadows of my dreams.
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daisiesnfld: A beautiful write! I so enjoy reading you...
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angpd: Thank you daisiesnfld. Always nice when someone else like what you write. Don't know if you saw the other poem on my home profile page. THE VOYAGE. I consider it to be the best thing i have written so far. The thinly veiled subject may not be to your liking. Metaphors can be tricky.
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laydeluck: Lovely write...
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