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alwayshonest: Ask yourself this, with all the resources that should make Canada rich (huge oil,gas,coal reserves, forestry, the most fresh waterin the world,...basicly everything), how is it that our services get cut, everything costs more and so many Canadians still live in poverty and struggle daily. Now the Coservatives and Liberals have run this country for a 145yrs using a system from England that is hundreds of years old; only these two parties have ever held power. In those 145yrs we have suffered a degradation and miss management of all renewable and finite resources to the point of collapse. They say the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over but expect the results to change. 145yrs don't you think it's time for a little change! People say well what's our choice rhen? NDP, Green, Comunist, Socialists or a different system like a Resource Based Economy!? I don't care anything is better then Insanity! So let us all make a change for our sanity! Go Humans!
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