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If we are all in one army, then there is no one to battle. Please join this army and end world conflict. :D
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If you have witnessed a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) please share you experience with us. This club is for witnesses, this is not a debate club, thank you.
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The road to enlightment does require leaving death and destruction in your wake! Try a more harmonous approach:) This a club for those that wish to explore the possibility of enlightment through...
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Here you can talk about anything! just dont get toooo nasty! if you got a problem put out here, because maybe we could help you out with it! if you wanna meet somebody new come here, because the...
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:) please people come suport the revalotion! weed heels the sick weed gives wealth to the poor weed makes u feel GOOD :)
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i love my mom!! :) i read it somewhere:we dont love people because they r beautiful but they seem beautiful to us because we love them!!! i lovvvvvvveee my mom,,,,,she is the most beautiful woman...
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(This club has been deleted)
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help me stop the bullying!!!
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Join to support our stance against world wide violence, and rampant human rights abuse. Let's rid our world off hatred and pain. Lets eradicate child abuse, mistreatment of our elders and women...
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Save the Earth, Save the World....
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:rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose: who loves nature can join here, well i guess all loves nature, lets share are views here, so that we can know some more about...
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this is club fr people who break rules & enjoy life:):D:P fk the rules
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This club is dedicated to help more people understand what really happens to the gentle giants of the sea when a human hunts it down
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A club for those of us on Wire who love the lady and want to show our appreciation of her awesomeness!! Join if that's you - if not, keep on surfing my friend!! :heart:
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GO GREEN :banana:
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if you belive in them join my club..peace NEEK
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Welcome everybody This club to be 4 muslims & non-muslims watever they r & wish from the muslims to assist this club for showing the Islam to everybody,truth of Islam in believing in our God (Allah)...
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All the secrets of our Governments and Corporations are being laid bare through genuine freedom of speech. Our governments who try to vilify Wikileaks and shut them down remind us all of King...
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What is anarchism to you?
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Welcome.Do you care about the environment? Have you ever defended the environment whether it be through protest,lobbying,blockading or outright preventing destruction? Do you plant trees?.Tells us...
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;) Come out you all in for Anarchy!
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yeah all bascially i have made this club for thoes people out here in WC who doesnt really matter where the person is from wat colour he has .. or from whcih culture..and go ahead and speak tih then...
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hey i hope somonew can join my outbackers club
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for people who wanna celebrate arkle's birthday
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For anyone who was privileged to have crossed paths with him know how caring, friendly , and sweet he was. Nemesis you will be missed. Rip..
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yo yo yo wuz hood?
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if your as sick as i am about logging join the fight im am so sic about them cutting down our trees just for nothing
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