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What do you say here on Wireclub that won't make you sound narcissistic or self absorbed. Well I will let you make that decision. I purposely wrote a lot here to eliminate certain chatter types.

There is the very mature deep introspective side of me, but then there is the very guy part of me too. So well leave the guy part out. Coming from the culture in Montreal I find that unless people reflect a deepness, offer something insightful, or people who can carry on a deep stimulating thought provoking conversation about anything I find I get bored with people rather quickly. Maybe its my A.D.D. I like to find the deeper side of people because that’s what’s exciting about people. They are all unique and have something amazing to offer someone else. Its just a matter of drawing it out of them. I mean you can’t be that way all the time you have to be loosey goosy at times as well or you’ll go insane.

I do cyber Security work, it's a little dull but it makes a good living so I do it...

I stumbled onto giving advice related to couples. Something that started entirely by accident but now is building momentum. I found i enjoy it a lot... so as long as people ASK for advice and its working ill keep enjoying giving it. I may end up writing a book from all the "Post It" notes I've written. Over time I hope someday to make this my real job perhaps if I ever get certified. For now I am happy helping others and making their relationships or lives better.

I enjoy the small unspoken portions of intimacy. The touch, the caress, the kiss, the soothing, the rub, the tingle, the butterflies, the gentle scratch, etc...

Not sure what my objective is with Wireclub but like a blind man, I’ll just go where the road takes me and take it from there. Anyway I hope to hear from most of you. Drop me a message…

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