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Im BnF.Im from Bulgaria.I am not a scene kid or a poser.Just a regular guy trying to hold on to life and trying to be strong.I hate people trying to be cool on the internet scene.Yeah It has become a scene nowadays.

People who are stupid thinking they are smartest dickhead and trying to be different everyway.I don't care being different.I do care anyone in any style who deserves it.Humanity is our last value in this f%~z@*~ world.I am not a straightedge or a redneck.I have an equilibrium on that manner.If you judge me I can help you fingering your ass or gaping your ass with a baseball bat.

Im a professional drummer.And so I listen every kind of music that I like to.I am not a cathogerized person a metalhead,rocker,rapper etc..I know lots of shit about every music genre & style and I have my own style.

I am nothing trying to be something just living a regular life care people who deserves,that's my formula in life ..