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CA Guy
CA Guy: Wireclub should bring back the Block Feature, where Owners and Co Owners on Wireclub can see who is on Block.

Also Wireclub should have a feature where only the Owner of the Room and the Co Owners has equal rights. Who to add on as perm hosts. All other hosts cannot add hosts or dehosts host.

But if any Co Owner of any room or any of the room Hosts, wants to denhost they need owners approval and Only the Owner removes them as Hosting Powers.
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solittle: Until wireclub implements your useful suggestions, you will have to be very selective in who you promote to room hosts in the rooms you create, and ask those people not to make any more hosts and not to unhost each other.

Tell the people you make hosts in your rooms to bring any suggestions of new hosts to you, and let you make the decision of whether to add the recommended person as a new host or not. That way, all hosts in your room will have been promoted by yourself alone.

When the room owner blocks someone, the blocked person cannot enter any room created by the person who has blocked them. So you will not need to see a block list to see who is on block in your room, because there will be nobody allowed in your room who you have blocked.

If your "co owners" have blocked someone who enters your room, that person will know who is on block, because the names of the people you have blocked appear in grey on the room lists in rooms not created by you.
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jlovesR: What has worked in our room is the hosts can nominate and vote on any new hosts, me as room owner has right to veto, hosts can step down if they want but give me a heads up when they do. It has worked for us because the hosts work as a team and they all get along well.
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