Inviting others to your room

Mollybear7: I’m not sure how to invite others to a room.
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ChuckH: Hi Mollybear - Has anyone helped you with invites?

Anybody in a given room can invite others to that room, as long as the person you are inviting currently is - or WAS - on your friend list:

The INVITE button is located in the upper right corner of the screen, click it and you get the INVITE screen:

You will see a bunch of profile pics of potential invitees. Running your cursor over each pic will identify the chat nick of that profile pic - click MORE and additional profile pics will appear for you to choose from.

Click on the one(s) you wish to invite, and those chatter will appear in the big box below the pics as those whom you wish to invite. To remove a choice from that box just click the "X" on that user.

When all your choices have been made click on the SEND INVITE button, and you will get a green banner saying INVITES HAVE BEEN SENT - that you can close and go back to chatting.

Hope this helps..!!!
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busxlxl: no darn idea lol
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