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Thor H
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arnym: Well I'm fond of saying that WIndows 3.1 was pretty good and they should have stopped there; only half joking - I drive a standard all-manual car with windows you wind up & down .

Anyway linux mint is now my for-keeps OS. No-cost to begin with, downloadable free apps for almost anything you'd want to do, runs on any old machine and I've never been forced to buy a new OS or computer(!) á la Microsoft; never have to abandon apps either, because they're too old to run.

I'm not a tecchygeek so there was (still is to some extent) significant learning involved but the online support community is fabulous and I'd never go back to Windows for my main system. I do have W98 on the side because of a couple of old apps I still want to use. I guess their authors only knew Windows so that's all they'll run on.

The biggest problem I've had is finding machines that aren't snafu'd by having a Windows system already installed, that's really hard to get rid of. Thank goodness I have Killdisk (that was free too )
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