Plantation Hegemony of University Oligarchs and Sports Media

junyabee: Plantation Hegemony of University Oligarchs and Sports Media


When I was doing a dissenting tweet on the state of my hometown’s university’s football teams progress this Spring, I encountered a wall of not only the silence of no response, but the seeming disinterest of their and other related media , who I’d expect to have some curiosity about the issue. After letting that observation stew in my subconscious while doing something else, it came to me when later eating that the no-response and seeming indifference was more related to the symbiotic relationship of self-interests between the media companies and the marketing they do for the university’s revenue bottom-line. They, the media, didn’t want to give a contrary opinion any high profile status that would adversely affect the marketing schemes of the university for hyping the fans to attend the games for the coming season.

In one way, this is understandable. At the same time during this postseason, the transferring departure of athletes to even lower division schools for completing their athletic eligibility, when some of them had a good chance to be starters had begging questions that needed to be answered, that were hardly mentioned in the media.

For the sake of #1-the athletes, #2-the fans, a transparent accounting should be known. I suspect the athletic departments, with a wink and a nod from the university and the private funders of the athletic programs, along with the lucrative television contracts that herd the eyes of emotionally hyped and fans with their delusions from the marketing hype, allows the athletic directors to let the coaches, the overseers of the athletes bodies and aspirations, run autocratic and arbitrary fiefdoms of no accountability (until a gross behavior by the players or coaches reveals the mismanagement of the athletic program).

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