Ancient Greek Plays.

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When most people think about shows they think of Television shows, before that though there were various types of performances and even sporting events that were considered to be 'shows', some of it did include blood sport unfortunately, where either at least one died or was injured, not always where it was solely about humans or about humans at all. I though want to narrow it down away from most comedy performances, sport, acrobatics and so on. I want to narrow it down to plays. The first known plays are from what is now the country of Greece, back then what is now Greece was just City States. Sometimes poetry was within plays and yes, even back then there were musicals.

The sixth century BC was the start of the time of ancient Greek plays, they were about religion, some of them may not have been about any of that, though I did not see any, it is possible or maybe true that The Capture of Miletus, written in 511 BC, that is no longer intact, might have been either the first play or one of the first plays in the world. To understand what The Subboreal Age was it was a climate age that was around at the time of The Late Bronze Age, it's slightly different than just The Late Bronze Age, it will do for now though. So if fit into The Late Bronze Age to 50 years into The Iron Age in 450 BC.

This section is about The Bronze Age, I will continue on next time with the first 50 years of The Iron Age.
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