Reality TV shows

Kathy in NJ
Kathy in NJ: hi, What reality shows do you like? Do you think reality shows are fake? Do you think there are too many of them?

I have been watching 90 Day Fiance. I think those ppl are nuts to leave their life and move overseas with someone they hardly know. I don't understand why they don't make more visits before deciding to marry the person.

I also like to watch Survivor (not for the drama. I like to watch the challenges they have to do).

I do not like any of the House Wives of _____ shows. They are stupid drama shows. Could care less what the snobs of wherever are doing.

I did not like the Jersey Shore show. The kids on there weren't from NJ and totally made NJersians look bad. Yes the town they taped in (Seaside Heights) is considered a tourist area where many partiers go. The fact that they are talking about reunion shows and reboots of the show makes me sick. Those kids may be older but they are not any smarter or mature (in my opinion).

What are your thoughts about any reality shows?
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Angry Beaver
Angry Beaver: They are alll scripted BS
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refurbwoodart: There are way too many so called reality shows I actually only follow one and that is the voice. I feel its more real talent based and the fact they can't see you to pick you its only by your sound it makes it a more level contest. On idol its more a most popular contest,of course now its a little more talent centered but they still pick after they see and hear the person. The voice you only go by what you hear and what you want on your team.
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