smfournier10: Depression is like my soul overflowing with emptiness. Nobody else can see it, oh God I hope nobody else can see it. Depression isn't picking you wardrobe for the day it's pickings your mask to hide your pain. Some people think they have experienced depression. I wish I was back to that stage in life. Depression is questioning your God. Curious why you wake up and what you may have done in a past life. It's prayers changed from hope and strength to praying for the end. Depression is becoming angry with your God. Depression is looking into the mirror to see a blur. Avoiding interaction with people. Pushing love away because I don't deserve it and they don't deserve the pain I offer them in disappointment. Depression is looking at your shoes for hours a day. Depression is hoping nobody looks, talks, glances at me or even acknowledge my existence. It's hard to keep the quiver out of my voice and the pain is almost breaking through my masks
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