The different sides about science and some things that have been deleted.

GeraldtheGnome: Below is what Colin covered up/censored/deleted/didn't want anyone to see because it was the truth. It was not inappropriate, he just got too touchy. I suspected that he would do that and I planned ahead, it's a pity that I didn't do that also with the second message that was shorter and something that no one should have taken offence to. Never underestimate how touchy he gets at times though.

It really was a case on there at the time of 'anything that I can do badly BelgianStrider can do worse than me', if it was not so then just look at my stuff ups compared to his. If I just put anything on there then I cop the long nickname that doesn't make sense at all with the word head on the end of it after the Richard part. I get what he was getting at. If there was a check of how many errors I made and how many that he made then the worst offender would not be me. He doesn't even realize that what he put is evidence that beyond doubt proves that he is a hypocrite. It was also harder to understand what he was on about than what I meant most of the time. You just have to look to notice it, I'm not telling you that I didn't stuff up and that it was always clear what I meant. Late at night and sometimes early in the morning I rushed what I typed and did not check properly what I typed.

Now to the confusing and contradictory bit about Dark Matter, either BelgianStrider or Derek Muller (in the video) had that the universe is not expanding, just that everything in it is and yet somewhere in the line of thought by whoever stated that also had that the universe is expanding. Then again I might have this muddled up because BelgianStrider came up with things about it and Derek Muller did. Either way there was a contradiction because I was told that the universe was expanding as well as that it was not expanding but that the objects within it are moving away from each other. It doesn't make any sense because both statements can not be true.

This led me to do a search on the internet for what is claimed to be true about our own solar system. 'Is everything in our solar system moving away from each other ?' My last sentence here was what I typed up to bring up any results. The results didn't come up with a satisfactory result. On the Quora site before even going to it you can see that it has that the universe is expanding but that nearby objects are not moving away form each other because the attraction from gravity dominates against that of any expansion. The word nearby was vaguely applied in the overview, I paraphrased just then of course. Once you look at everything on that site you will notice contradictory ideas to that of the shift claims and also none of it proved that there is an expanding universe or to that anyone really knows how much is moving away from something else within the universe. I guess with all of that my own claim that everything in the universe is moving away from each other is a crap claim of mine.

Even here what words are more effective and what are not are just things that I will avoid because of what the outcome was by me bringing it up, all each of you need to know about that is that we have opposite ways of thinking about it. I was tempted by what I recently saw on here but I held back. Away from that I don't want any of us to be as bad as the two currently worse people on the other topic. Back to the results that I got about 'Dark Matter', the Forbes site has that Earth is not even heading in towards our own star and that it is actually moving away from it. It also has that all the other planets of our solar system are moving away from it also. I didn't go to the site. You can if you wish to.

Now over on the other topic there is Bonzono, a day on this site without an insult to any opponent is a day wasted for that one. First that one has that the red shift is happening all over the known universe and that it has been so since 'The Big Bang'. Well first of all why does that one even think that there ever was a 'Big Bang' ? Then it was added that the known universe is everything that is around. So is there and was there always just what was there just a limited universe and was there anything before 'The Big Bang' if there ever was one ? The singularity claim, something that I dogmatically used to be for is really just something that no one has ever proven to be true.

No one has shown that I am a conspiracy lunatic but at the same time I have noticed that Sir Loin has been told the same thing by the same person. I like it, if someone disagrees with Bonzono then does that make that person a conspiracy lunatic ? What a piece of work. Then again everyone is dealing with that one, the one with at least one cluster B personality disorder. A shrink or at least someone else helpful in the mental health field really needs to help that one out as soon as possible. I do not agree with that one so instantly I by default am a halfwit according to Bonzono. Why the obsession by Bonzono to have me explain (in the way that Bonzono wishes) why no one will ever know why the origins of life will never be known. Does that one mean that of more than one origin ? A plural was used after all. Was there ever a origin of life anywhere anyway ? That doesn't mean that I know for sure that there never was an origin of life anywhere.

Topic: Science

The universe (so far as it was around) had an origin and it always had a limit, nothing was beyond it. Red shifting, that I admit I accidentally kept referring to as blue shifting is occurring throughout all of the universe. There is nothing but the known universe. That means that all space telescopes are only looking at the known universe in better detail. All of this is what we are meant to believe and that science is you enemy, whatever that means. Science is not my enemy if the word was meant to be your rather than the word you as I think it was. Those that go for the dogmatic way of thinking about science are not enemies of science, they instead are just those who don't know enough about it and yet think they are experts when it comes to it. Delusions of grandeur again, they are not superior despite them thinking otherwise.'

This part is new content that I have added. Now of course the universe was around and it still is around, when it comes down to it I did like what Jannik did get at to some degree and I certainly found what Troublinn directly after that came out with, I found it quite informative. I am not mocking either one of them, I have no need to and there just is no reason for me to do that. There also is no reason to think that everything or even most things within the universe are just in the known universe. There is no reason to think that the universe had a beginning, that it used to just have a limit and there is also no reason to think that there is a limit to the universe.
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GeraldtheGnome: 'He has not answered my questions' is better than using the word and at the front of a sentence about what I have been accused of avoiding. Well for a start question marks were never used. This fall into oblivion nonsense is what BelgianStrider constantly wants to justify why he uses it, a lot of people have come out with daft phrases, it doesn't mean that he should have repeated that one though. It's something most people have never used and that most people of course don't know the meaning of it. He didn't make himself clear to as many people as possible once again. He has falsely accused me of many things though. There was no need for quotation marks, he left out at least one full stop though. He can think that anything is a fact just as I can pretend that using the word I after the word despite made his massage clear. He also loves the tab right way of typing and many things that Jannik mentioned is true about BelgianStrider too.

During the time that he decided to type up a paragraph with his false accusations that I was dumb and ridiculous, as well about other things, he also made false accusations that I do not understand basic English. Well for a start the use of caps lock is not a way to use any English word, the words 'despite I' do not make any sense and the use of multiple exclamation marks are not examples of someone who understands basic English. He made other mistakes as well, for a start each person will be known and remembered by at least one person in his or her life time. I prefer full stops and spaces before and after colons, semicolons (if any of them are needed), that of question marks too and when it comes to exclamation marks. Whatever he meant about Donald Trump did not make any sense and neither did any of the other words that he used. He was unclear with whatever he meant. His next sentence also didn't make any sense. The words 'It is a fact' rather than 'factually' makes what he tried to get across make a little bit of sense. He is unclear with his words and with what he means mainly because of his own choice of words. That means that it is unclear what he means when he brings up something about science, religion and politics, well more often than not it is so. He also uses plurals when there is no need for them and when there is no reason for them. The rest of what he also brought up also was unclear and because of that he didn't make any sense at all.

Socialism, well he thinks that I have a certain belief about the term, I never stated what socialism is and what it is not. That didn't stop him from accusing me of being an imbecile. He did tell me what he thinks socialism does mean. Whenever I don't agree with him he thinks that I am under the impression that I think I know everything when (according to him) I know very little or that of nothing at all.

Dark Matter is just the latest guess that beyond our atmosphere there is Dark Matter, Dark Matter is made up, a while ago the mysterious substance named Aether was claimed to be out there. There is nothing to prove that Aether or Dark Matter is within this universe.

When something is unclear then whatever was used to make the message unclear, a word for example, was what made whatever failed point was being a failure. What is 'Holly Water' ? Wait though, he edited it so he obviously saw my message about it before it was deleted. Even using the word holy in the edit still did not make whatever point he wanted to make clear at all. Enraging for example does not make sense when the word enraged was really what should have been used. Someone who understands basic English never has made that mistake. Things like that make things about science unclear. Lesser used Latin that has been factored into English means that he has used something that most people do not understand and that means that his word choices are bad. If it's unclear to most what is meant by some type of Latin, English or whatever else has been used then the one who has failed in that manner has no one but him or herself to blame.

BelgianStrider's segment about me 'being exposed' is a joke. Another joke is that the claimed 'science experts' know what they are on about. There are five main facts about me that are beyond a doubt ? None were ever shown by BelgianStrider. He produced nothing worthwhile against me so far. 'There are some other people' is a better way to start a sentence then using the word and at the start of a sentence, then again the sentence that was about myself and that of some other people not giving a stuff about overwhelming evidence that is supposed to be the proof of everything that BelgianStrider thinks is true. He badly chose his words but at least I understood what they meant. it was the equivalent of Bob's/Blackshoes 'mountain or mountains of evidence. It's the type of thing people with no evidence believe to be true even though they think that that have all the evidence that they need to show that they are right.

There was no singularity, no big bang, it's all just guessed that the singularity was around and that there was a big bang.

Below is a picture that shows why there are people that don't believe in the idea of evolution.

How can all of that even be true ? Just one more thing. The last two messages by BelgianStrider were woeful. In the last one his message remains as being unclear and he made false accusations once again. He has still failed to see how and why he is a hypocrite. I am not a hypocrite by any means.
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