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War on Science
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“”Reason and science you despise,
The highest powers of the mind?
Hell's willing slave! With others of your kind,
you are the profits of my enterprise.
—Satan, quoted in Karl Popper's In Search of a Better World[1]
The War on Science is an attempt by a vocal anti-science minority to directly or indirectly attack science through modified school curricula, uncertainty tactics, and discrediting of the scientific method. Any person or organization that promotes their ideology over scientifically-verified evidence is a partisan in favor of the antiscience position in the War on Science.
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theHating: With such fun topics as:

Style over substance
Icon pseudoscience.svg
Popular pseudosciences
Alternative medicine
Creation science
Random examples
America Unearthed
F. W. H. Myers
Ghost Hunters
Moon hoax (français)
Near-death experience
Out-of-body experience
Reparative therapy
Transpersonal psychology
Anti-vaccination movement
Clean coal
Drowning Christian story
National Review Online
Ozone layer
Patriot Action Network
Shaken baby syndrome
Statin denialism
The Resistance Manifesto
Tobacco smoking
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